Passenger travel demand continues to rise Southern Airlines ushered in a small peak before the holiday

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On January 26th, the 10th day of The Spring Festival travel rush, China Southern Airlines’ outbound flights from Shenzhen amounted to 91 classes, with 17,400 seats available and nearly 14,300 seats reserved. The passenger load factor exceeded 82%, setting a new peak of 2022 China Southern Airlines’ Spring Festival travel rush from Shenzhen.From midnight on this day, the whole area of Shenzhen is adjusted to low risk, after which it is expected that the demand of citizens returning home for the Spring Festival will usher in a wave of increase.Affected by the “0107” epidemic in Shenzhen and the epidemic in many hot cities for returning home, the demand for returning home for the Spring Festival has been suppressed, and the market for the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush in Shenzhen has declined significantly year-on-year.In view of the outbreak, China southern airlines shenzhen branch quickly adjust travel market layout, flights cancelled due to restricted by epidemic prevention policy faces suspension, and will spare capacity increased quickly to the traditional hot spring city, such as nanchong, changde, haikou, sanya, luzhou, ankang, mianyang, guangyuan, etc, and actively open sia points, such as liuzhou, heze etc,To ensure that more citizens can go home for the Spring Festival.With the Spring Festival approaching, passenger travel demand continues to rise. Southwest, Hainan and northeast destinations continue to be the most popular destinations, and some of the hot airline tickets have been sold out.In order to meet the needs of more passengers, Shenzhen Branch of China Southern Airlines has actively deployed wide-body capacity in Chengdu, Chongqing, Haikou, Sanya, Lanzhou and other lines, including the newly introduced airbus A350 series large aircraft, which are more comfortable and spacious.It is reported that the current pre-holiday, post-holiday overtime is still continuing to lay, recently added luzhou, Ankang, Mianyang, Xi ‘an flights, plans to add henan direction of Nanyang, Luoyang flights, passengers are advised to pay attention to the ticket situation, early booking, to avoid delay travel plans.In addition, the current festival seat booking is relatively smooth, passengers can also alternate peak travel, enjoy a more preferential price.Shenzhen airport remind according to the shenzhen epidemic prevention and control policy adjustment, 26, passenger 48 hours nucleic acid into the shenzhen airport terminal is no longer required as negative proof, but still suggest a passenger flight plan in advance to the destination city understand and confirm the latest local epidemic prevention policies, travel advance ready to related documents, so as not to affect travel.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Kate Douglas wiggin