The Chinese New Year is booming, these 8 meaty with the Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year is too line, have you raised?

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The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and the Chinese New Year is about a thriving, such as hanging red lanterns at the gate, red couplets and the word “fu”.Of course for a meaty player, I naturally want to recommend some with the New Year atmosphere line red department meaty, such as the following 8 meaty raised after all can red as flame, if we have not raised, don’t forget to start after that spring oh.Apple leaf fairy cup old pile one.A bonfire.Bonfire is one of the new east yunshi meaty, but now meaty varieties too much, we are not very familiar with it, and maintenance of meat friends are less.But bonfire is really very good meaty varieties, not only maintenance difficulty is not high, and after raising the state of the leaf will all become red, like a real flame, more valuable is that it also takes dark lines.Bonfire ii. Sacrifice by fire.As an old succulent, fire festival does have some problems, such as being prone to overgrowth and contracting powdery mildew, but it’s super easy to keep.As long as we keep it open, and do not shade it in summer, and harvest it only when it rains continuously, the fire festival will not grow in vain, and powdery mildew is rare.And one to the winter its leaves will immediately red up, completely red after the New Year to the home of a place, is not particularly festive (can not be placed in the indoor maintenance for a long time)?Fire festival iii. Red berries.It’s a hybrid of the rainbow jade, so it looks like the rainbow jade, but with smaller and cuter leaves, it’s perfect for small POTS.And the red berry leaves after the state of the ornament on the top of the branches – round, chubby, but also shining luster, not only beautiful, but also very lovely, afraid of the fear of the New Year when children pick to eat candy.Red berry four. Frank.Like bonfire, it’s a meaty east Cloud variety, but it came out earlier, but Frank’s price hasn’t fallen much and it’s still one of the little luxuries.But it can also bear the love of everyone – it is easy to explode side buds, after the state of cultivation, the color of the leaves like fire festival, but also the characteristics of the Eastern cloud meaty dignified atmosphere.Frank v. Noble.Super succulents that are easy to grow, but look like two completely different succulents in different seasons – green in summer when you don’t want to see it, red in winter when you have to keep an eye on it.However, people are more than red, “meat” red funny people love, during the Chinese New Year to be careful of relatives and friends have a crush on your noble, and then forced to give you “kidnapped”.Noble six. Tang Seal.Like fire festival, it belongs to summer type and fleshy, except for the fear of freezing, other resistance is almost full, and can be exposed in the four seasons in most areas of south China.Of course, regular rain will lead to tang Yin leaves as big as a leaf fan, and can not normally become red, so when the rain or to cover the rain.Especially in winter when there is a lot of rain, only under the condition of strict control of water and protection from rain, we can see the tang seal of pure Chinese red during the Spring Festival.Tang Yinqi. Ruby.It is also old and meaty, but I have been raising it for 7-8 years, and ruby has many advantages, such as good skin, easy to raise, easy to raise old piles, easy to color state and so on.As long as you keep your hands in the open and don’t water them, even if the weather is not good and the sun is less in winter, ruby can turn red, as it is now one of the reddest succulent varieties on my roof.Ruby eight. Tia.There are many people who like it, and there are many people who hate it, and both love and hate it are due to its appearance level — after being raised, the leaves of Tia are as red as flame, so it is difficult not to like it.However, the leaves of meat friends with poor weather conditions or conservation environment can not turn red, and they will naturally feel it is very annoying in the case of love and hate.That’s why I’ve left it at the end, because it’s not very friendly for us meaty “backside” meat-lovers.Tia compose this article by tang Elders meaty notes original (some pictures from the network), welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!At the end of the article, long click on the like, send 3 even oh!