The Chinese team has a set of ice accelerators

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“34 seconds 32!An Olympic record!”Gao Tingyu of China won the men’s 500m speed skating title at the Winter Olympics on Sunday.Behind the hard-won gold medal, a “human high-speed ejection device” provided powerful support for the national team’s speed skaters in their training of skating skills around corners.In speed skating, mastering the technique of sliding in the corner is the key to win, and it is also the technical difficulty in daily training.Specialized training for the curves requires athletes to speed up to more than 60 kilometers per hour, which requires a high level of strength and speed consistency.Therefore, it is very important to develop a set of programs to help athletes accelerate and improve the efficiency of corner training.”We use the catapult technology principle of space launch to provide external acceleration for athletes.”Hao Jiguang, a teacher at the School of Astronautics of Beijing Institute of Technology, said that the team innovatively proposed a traction acceleration scheme, in which athletes can grasp the traction rope to complete the acceleration. “In the application, athletes first input the preset speed according to the demand, and then pull the traction rope by hand to follow the device to accelerate evenly.When the preset speed is reached, the device light flashes to indicate that the athlete can release the rope and enter the turn for training.””Safety and stability are key to development.”Hao jiguang said that the device uses electric acceleration technology, through the motor to accelerate athletes along a gentle speed curve, so that the whole process of ejection is controllable.In the process of “traction acceleration”, if the athlete has any discomfort, he can release the rope at any time, which also avoids the hidden danger of “back push acceleration”.In addition, the team also developed a high speed ejection parameter system adapted to human body function, which can achieve the same separation speed for athletes of different weights.Principle design, prototype design, prototype trial-production, function and weight experiments, human experiments……After a series of efforts, the first device of the “human high-speed ejection device” was successfully developed in April 2019 and officially provided to the Chinese speed skating team for use in January 2020.”With the help of the device, the speed skater can reach the specified speed from rest in just a few seconds, and the sliding speed can reach up to 20 meters per second, saving about two-thirds of the training time for special technical movements such as help.”Under the traction of the “ice accelerator”, the athletes adjust their posture and enter the turn without stopping.The Chinese speed skating team won the gold medal, which also made Hao Jiguang feel happy: “We took many detours in the research and development process, but the result proved that all the efforts were worth it!”In addition to speed skating, a human ejection device for ski jumpers has also been developed, allowing jumpers to slip up to 30 meters per second, he said.Copyright notice: The text belongs to The Beijing News Group. All rights reserved.