The measure of a man is how much he loves you

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Click on the top of the blue word attention, qingfeng every day with you to analyze emotional knowledge.In the world of love, we always hope that the person we love is the one who loves us, and we always hope that the person we love will treat us with care.But most of the time, we can control ourselves, but not control others, but do not let others also according to our will to live, according to our will to love.Most of the time, we find that a person loves us, but we do not feel, and even if we feel, we know that they do not love us much, so at this time, we are very painful.We always want to know how much a person loves us, how much they love us, how important and special we are in their eyes.But a lot of times, we find it difficult to judge, because sometimes, we are not clear, the temptation is too obvious is not appropriate.In fact, you know, in the emotional world of China, a man loves your measure, is the degree of love you.The measure of a man to you, is the degree of love you anyone get along, there is a measure and propriety, some people together, propriety grasp very well, some people are not.And each kind of relationship is different, also need different scale.For example, between friends, there is a need to respect and discretion, some words can be said, some words can not be said, good relationship but always a sense of propriety and bottom line.For example, between family members, there is a close, that is, in the close time, there is still some distance, will not go too far, the important thing is, between family members can care, can care about, but some too close actions still cannot be done.For example, between lovers, is intimate, care about, love, respect and attention, naturally there is a unique intimacy.Each kind of relationship, have each kind of relationship propriety, and each kind of relationship get along is different.When friends get together and become lovers, they surely will not be friends; but when lovers get together and become friends, they surely will not be love.So say, you want to know, in a relationship, a man’s measure to you, is the degree of love you.In a relationship, when a man is close to you, he must love you, he must care about you.Because they love you and care about you enough, they will love you, care about your feelings and value you very much. They want to further their relationship with you, so most of the time, they are intimate with you.When I am with you, I either want to hold your hand, hug you, or kiss you, or even say love to you.Such a man is naturally very love you, because love you, so many times, are uncontrollable want to be good to you, uncontrollable want to be with you.When they don’t see you for a day, they care about you, they love you, and they value you.My friend Qingxi’s boyfriend is just like this. He is very kind to Qingxi. After work, he will come to Qingxi for dinner and shopping together.Sometimes Qingxi felt that her boyfriend was too attached to her, but her boyfriend said, “If I don’t, I always feel empty in my heart. I have no interest in doing anything. You are so important to me.”Cheonggye was happy to hear her boyfriend’s words.In fact, in the emotional world, when a person really loves you, is such, attaches great importance to you, loves you, likes to be with you, will stick to you, will spoil you, will love you.The man who is very distant to you, does not really love you between lovers, there should be the mode of getting along between lovers, some relationship between lovers is very good, between two people care about each other, between two people attach great importance to each other’s feelings, such two people are bound to love each other.However, there is a kind of lovers are not like this, they are not close to each other, but distant, that is, no matter what they say and do, there is a distance.Some words can be said between lovers, but can not say to each other, because they feel estranged from each other, there is a distance between each other, in such a relationship, you can not talk to each other, also can not make some intimate actions.They don’t take the initiative to talk to you, they don’t take the initiative to talk to you, they don’t take the initiative to come to you, when you meet such a man, you have to know that the size of the man for you, all represent their love, not as much as you think.A few days ago, a reader told me about her relationship with her boyfriend. She said that her boyfriend seldom talks to her, and she has never said love to her, let alone like words to her, and never hugged her, holding her hand and kissing her are even more appropriate.At first, I thought my boyfriend was stiff, but as time went by, I found that my boyfriend seemed to be alienating me intentionally or unintentionally, and I didn’t know what was wrong with him.In fact, it is not bad, but not enough love, the other side is not enough love, this is the case, the other side is not enough love, will be like this, do not care about the feelings of the other side, also do not want to be intimate with you, always keep a distance with you, to you maintain the same scale as friends.When a guy is like this, you know, he’s not gonna love you.Man is what measure to you, is what love in the world of feelings, you have to know, a man is what measure to you, is what love to you.When a man is close to you, it is bound to love you, care about you, you are very important to him, but if a man is very distant to you, not very concerned about you, just like a friend, such a man is bound to not love you.Such a man is bound to care about you, so when you meet such a man, you have to learn to stay away from, you have to learn to give up, because even if you do not give up, one day, the other side will give up you, and at this time, you have to know that all your efforts are worthless.The important thing is, your pay will not have a result, your love will not have a result, it is better to give up early, when you give up, pay less, naturally will not be too sad, too sad.So no matter what time, you have to know, the other side of your scale, in fact, is the extent of love you.-END- Author introduction: sunny wind, rational to see the world, warm to see love, LET my words can move you, bring you warmth.