These 50 batches of unqualified, Shiseido again on the black list!Sfda: file an investigation and trace the source

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On February 17, the state food and drug administration issued a notice on 50 batches of cosmetics that did not comply with the regulations, including haruo sun baby moisturizer, zhiyouquan yeast rejuvenating facial mask, anresha water energy outdoor cleansing sunscreen SPF50+·PA+++, tongrentang plant stock hair repair film and other products on the list.According to the official notice, the unqualified anresha water energy outdoor clear sunscreen SPF50+·PA+++ was distributed by shiseido (China) investment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “shiseido China company”), inspected by shifuli cosmetics store wuling branch in beihu district, chenzhou city, and inspected by hunan institute of drug inspection and testing.According to the test results, the product was detected by the approval and label not marked sunscreen: ethyl hexyl salicylate.However, official notes also showed that Shiseido China denied dealing in testing products.State food and drug administration in the report, however, clear requirements in guangdong and zhejiang pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative department, the above 50 batch is not in conformity with the provisions of cosmetics related to the registrant, for the record, the production enterprises, domestic responsibility investigation according to law, shall be ordered to related companies immediately in accordance with the risk control measures and carry out comprehensive improvement;The drug regulatory departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) shall order the relevant cosmetic operators to stop selling the above-mentioned cosmetics immediately, investigate the purchase inspection records and other situations according to law, and trace the illegal products to the source.Where illegal acts are discovered, they shall be investigated and dealt with seriously in accordance with the law;If a crime is suspected, it shall be transferred to a public security organ according to law.Chongqing au Luo Kaicheng, director of the rose law firm lawyers also tell time, finance official, shiseido company denied this product in China, does not mean that the product is not the company, “the case of shiseido company in China, if you want to prove that the production batch unqualified products is neither myself, nor their agents or sales, should give the corresponding evidence,To prove that the batch of unqualified products are forged, altered or sold by other third party agents or other sellers, otherwise it is difficult to escape the suspicion of accountability.”In addition, lawyer Luo Kaicheng also remind, said to have bought the unqualified products, in accordance with the requirements producers or sellers want to return, exchange, compensate for the losses, etc., once found that the product is unqualified true, up to the businessman claims to purchase goods cost more than three times the compensation, such as the consumer and the other person and property damage due to a third person,Other liabilities may also be claimed in accordance with the law.On February 18, in view of the unqualified situation of the above products, time Finance and economics called Shiseido China company and autonamap noted that shifli cosmetics store Wuling shop in Chenzhou Beihu District, but the phone number was not connected.Just 4 months ago was named hot sand water outdoor clear sunscreen SPF50+·PA+++ is the well-known sunscreen products known to the public.On February 18th, taobao ANESSA Ann hot sand of time financial official flagship store customer service, said Ann is shiseido group is prevented bask in warm sand brand, ANESSA is the product name, is one of Japan’s shiseido’s series of products, but a lot of places after the domestic translation shing hot sand, and some people in Hong Kong and Taiwan including domestic also translate it for fast,There’s really no difference.According to the official notice, the unqualified sample inspection of heat sand water outdoor clear sunscreen SPF50+·PA+++ products, its special cosmetics registration certificate number/ordinary cosmetics record number is: guo makeup special jin word J20190717.Subsequently, the time financial consulting state Food and Drug Administration found the record number corresponding to the product information.According to the official website of the SFDA, the product with the approval number of Guofang Tejin zi J20190717 was produced by Shiseido Co., LTD. According to the technical requirements of the product, the formula declared by Shiseido Co., LTD did not contain “ethyl hexyl salicylate”.Ethyl hexyl salicylate is known to have sunscreen properties, but it is more irritating, more than 5% May cause damage to the skin.In view of the above unqualified products notified by the National Food and Drug Administration, the aforementioned customer service staff also told Time Finance that the sampling products are not from the official channels of the brand, and the company has explained to the regulatory authorities.It is worth mentioning that this is the second time in the past six months that Shiseido China has denied it in the official name.On November 15, 2021, the state food and drug administration issued “notice about 33 unqualified batch cosmetics”, according to the detection of hubei research institute of drugs supervision and inspection, and dealers for shiseido (China) investment co., LTD, manufacturer for avio shiseido Ann hydropower outdoor hot sand clear sunscreen by checking out the unqualified products,The inspection results were sunscreens with no approval documents and labels: diethylhexathoxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, diethylhydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate and oxyclillin;Approval documents and unlabeled sunscreen diphenylketon-3 were detected.As this time, Shiseido China also denied operating.However, according to visualize,Shiseido (China) investment co., LTD., in September 2020 as “the performance of commodity, function, origin, purpose, quality, composition, price, producer, expiry date, promise, and other forms of content, provider, or to the service, quality, price, and promise to say not accurate, don’t know, don’t understand” by the Shanghai pudong new area market supervision and administration of fines of up to 20000Yuan.Public information shows that as a famous Japanese cosmetics brand, SHISEIDO Group has entered China for more than 40 years, and to create more than 20 beauty cosmetics brands, including SHISEIDO, Skin Key, NARS and other global brands, as well as Aupres, Ulay and other brands designed for the Chinese market.On February 9, 2022, Shiseido Group released its 2021 financial report.According to the financial results, the annual revenue of Shiseido Group was 1.035.2 billion yen (56.896 billion yuan) as of December 31, 2021, up 12.4% year on year;Operating profit was 41.59 billion yen (2.286 billion yuan), up 177.9 percent year on year.At the same time, Shiseido Group also said in the earnings report that in 2021, Shiseido Group will accelerate brand promotion, its main products have achieved growth, including Shiseido, CPB and other products in China and other places to achieve accelerated growth.In terms of performance, The Chinese market has become the second largest market of Shiseido Group.In fiscal year 2021, Shiseido’s sales in The Chinese market reached 274.7 billion yen (15.098 billion yuan), up 16.5% year on year.It accounts for 26.6% of the total sales of the global business, which is basically equal to 26.7% of the Japanese market.Shiseido’s growth in China was also mentioned several times in its earnings statement: Due to the unprecedented torrential rains in the third quarter and the outbreak of the COVID-19 variant in major metropolitan areas, its China business was affected by some retail closures and reduced consumer traffic.However, e-commerce remained strong, accounting for 40 percent of total sales, thanks to strategic investments.It is reported that in 2021, Shiseido Group in the Chinese market, under the influence of “Double 11” and other promotional activities, discount promotion is normalized, sales still keep rising, mainland sales growth of about 10%.According to public data, shiseido’s sales volume on Taobao and Tmall reached 1 billion yuan during the “Singles’ Day” last year, and the sales volume increased 26 times in the first four hours of jd’s “Singles’ Day” sales.(Beijing time Wu Shan)