Too good!Lin Chi-ling, 47, has had her eggs frozen eight years ago.

2022-09-18 0 By

Recently, in the year of the Tiger bell immediately struck, Taiwan entertainer Lin Chi-ling early in the New Year’s Eve, the good news, posted on her social media platform posted a picture of the three of them holding hands, also officially announced that she has become a mother, the Internet attention and concern.I still remember that in October 2021, Lin Zhiling participated in the live belly was still very flat and could not see the signs of pregnancy. As a result, she gave birth to the baby four months later. It was a little hard to believe that Lin Zhiling had frozen eggs since the age of 39, and now it has been eight years before she finally got her wish.Now finally have the baby also is very not easy thing, after all is 48 women, gave birth to the baby of the risk is too big, really mother and son peace now, or would like to congratulate Lin, it seems that beauty sister the marriage choice is right, is not so bad as netizens said, in the New Year, wish them a happy family healthy.