What if The future for Viya to retire from the background is falling or rebirth?

2022-09-18 0 By

On December 20, 2021, a bombast news from Zhejiang Tax Bureau made Viya, who was galloping on the live e-commerce track, have to slam on the brakes.Distance from weiya “cut off the network” more than 40 days later, the focus of public opinion has been from her condemnation, slowly turned to the discussion of the whole live industry, at the same time, some netizens began to think about a problem – if Weiya from now on to retire behind the scenes, no longer appear in the public view, that qian Xun company’s future?We see that in 2021, there are many stars overturned, including Hua Chenyu and Wang Leehom, zheng Shuang, Li Yundi and Wu Yifan who are involved in illegal crimes, and Sydney and Lin Shanshan who are also exposed because of economic problems.Objectively speaking, compared with these artists and web celebrity, eu her reputation is not to the point of collapse, she used to physically participate in public welfare to help farmers, to create a new mode of “donated to buy generation” has become the mainstream in the electric shang fu can now rural revitalization, for wuhan, making donations, shanxi, henan and other affected areas had donated 18 hope primary schools…None of these achievements can be undone.What if, and I mean what if, one day, Viya does step back and be humble?What will consumers think?We can clearly see that, to this day, many netizens believe that:Tax evasion is wrong, of course, she is how severe punishment is should, but eu her studio, or would you let people miss, from snacks specialty to cosmetic beauty makeup to household items, eu studio is not only cheap, also can one-stop solution home consumption demand, some say, did not have the eu and the necessities of all don’t know to go there this year to buy.Some people say that she has been “off the Internet”, was banned, we change the broadcast room to buy things, it is not the only network she Weiya can sell goods live.In fact, who can undertake the topic of wei Ya flow from the day she was named, has been mentioned by countless people, even the most promising Li Jiaqi, broadcast room also after experiencing a short climax also return to normal, and even was exposed to a big price or disguised price rises after the news.The head of an MCN organization said in an interview with the media that Viya’s fans are very picky and sticky. Although everyone is coveting this cake, it is really difficult to catch it at present.In this respect, modest selection ability and supply chain advantage is highlighted, the selection of products without words, even spread on the Internet have wei ya selection how strict joke, it is said that more than 95% of the selected goods will be dead in wei ya broadcast room.In terms of supply chain, Qianxun Super supply chain base has a large selection area of about 10,000 square meters, equivalent to the size of 30 basketball courts. Since 2020, Qianxun this supply chain base has been open to e-commerce anchors in the industry, and even help them do live streaming services.In addition, a lot of senior people have confirmed that weiya team regardless of product selection, selling point refining, live display, live overall rhythm control, etc., are textbook level, humble find such a basic dish, it is not easy to shake?At the same time, as the head of MCN institutions modest, owned by the host in addition to the eu and 50 anchors, including Lin yi annulus, li jing, li, I’m still alive and so on these entertainment stars and small qiao, xu teacher in the middle of the night, ChuFei ChuRan tiwns, in anan, bai bai rabbit these flow web celebrity, is understood to find its modest at least seven of the traffic data of the host,Top 20 in the network.And now modest search, is not a MCN organization so simple, it also through the supply chain, incubation anchor and sub-brand, covering from e-commerce anchor training to brokerage services, for the brand side to provide store broadcast services and other sub-business.Compared with fan Bingbing and other stars of tax evasion, although wei Ya is also a public figure, and because of the past publicity and my growth experience, WEI Ya star attributes a little stronger, but wei Ya and Fan Bingbing different, she is not to rely on enterprise endorsement to earn money, but by selling money.So she is a real entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, she and her company earn money by selling goods, hard to do the head position industry, the company brand is willing to work with her, to achieve a win-win result, as long as the business logic is not a problem, she can continue to high-value, in this area, even take a back seat in the future.Weya is not in front of the stage, but weya’s selection team, live team still have a chance, as long as weya really learn the lessons of the mistake, steadfast rectification, active cooperation, all business legal compliance, future consumers and businesses will be happy to see such a mature and efficient professional live team continue to be active.