Who is obstructing the investigation into the bucha incident

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At a time when russia-Ukraine negotiations are moving forward in a tense way, the bucha incident has cast a shadow on the process once again.Around the “Bucha incident”, Russia and the Us launched a new round of game.However, it is strange that Russia has twice requested the United Nations to investigate the truth of this incident, while the United States and the West obstructed, but blindly hyped up.On April 3 local time, Ukrainian media published a series of pictures and videos showing the deaths of civilians in the city of Bucha, which the Ukrainian government accused Russian forces of killing.For Ukraine’s accusations, The Russian side firmly denied.At a press conference held at the UN headquarters in New York on April 5, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Nebianja, presented evidence that the “Bucha incident” was staged, including a video in which the mayor of Bucha said nothing about the “dead”.Nebianja said that the Russian Defense Minister announced the withdrawal of Russian armed forces from Bucha and a series of areas on March 30, and bucha mayor Anatoly Fedoruk released a video on March 31, which confirmed this, and considered it as a victory of The Ukrainian army.”It is remarkable that the mayor did not mention any mass atrocities, dead bodies, murders or anything like that.”Mr. Nebianja said it was inconceivable that the mayor of Bucha would forget to mention such a devastating scene.Nebianja also showed video taken by the Ukrainian National Guard in Bucha on April 2, showing no dead on the streets.Nebienja stressed that the video of Boucha lying dead in the street was released on April 3 and is “full of flaws and blatant lies”.The same day, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said in an interview that the Bucha incident was aimed at defaming Russia, and That Moscow insisted on an impartial investigation.”We insist that any allegations against the Russian government and military are baseless and that these are carefully planned and tragic shows.”Peskov pointed out that a large number of data and facts prove that the whole process of the Bucha affair is a forgery aimed at discrediting the Russian military.On April 4, Local time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, wearing a bulletproof vest, accompanied by Ukrainian military personnel, made a high-profile visit to the city of Bucha, located in the outskirts of Kiev.Zelensky said Ukraine hopes to conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation into the Bucha incident and release the results to the international community.Although there are many doubts about the Bucha incident, the Us and the West seem to be not actively investigating the truth of the incident, but blindly hyping it up.Russia’s second request for a MEETING of the UN Security Council on Monday was rejected by the UK, which holds the rotating presidency.After the story broke, U.S. President Joe Biden declared that the images from Bucha proved That Putin was a “war criminal.” “But we have to gather information, we have to continue to provide Ukraine with the weapons they need to continue their fight, we have to gather all the details so that we can have a real war crimes trial.”According to us local media, after the Bucha incident was exposed, the US is increasing pressure on Russia on “multiple fronts”, including increasing sanctions on Russia and providing more weapons to Ukraine.On April 4, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke with Zelensky and later issued a statement saying the EU was ready to send a joint investigation team to Ukraine to investigate the Bucha incident.After speaking with Zelensky, Von der Leyen tweeted about the situation, RT reported.”I spoke with President Zelensky about the brutal killings of civilians in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine,” she wrote.The European Union is ready to send a joint investigative team to work with Ukraine’s prosecutor general to document war crimes.Europol and the Eu Criminal Justice Cooperation Agency will also provide support.”In a statement on the European Commission’s website, Ms. Von der Leyen echoed that sentiment, saying, “Those who committed these heinous crimes must not go unpunished.”Brussels (Reuters) – The European Union (EU) condemns the “atrocities” in Ukrainian cities occupied by Russian forces, eu Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Chief Henrik Borrell said in a statement On Thursday.The statement added that the EU “will move forward with further sanctions against Russia as a matter of urgency.”Guterres called for independent investigation on April 5 local time, the United Nations Security Council to consider the issue of Ukraine.UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for an independent investigation into the Bucha incident to ensure effective accountability.He stressed that the current situation between Russia and Ukraine calls for serious peace negotiations in accordance with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.Regrettably, differences have prevented the Council from acting not only on Ukraine but on other threats to peace and security around the world.Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the UN, said that according to international humanitarian law, civilians should be protected from any form of violence in armed conflicts, and attacks against civilians are unacceptable and should not happen.The reports and images of civilian deaths in Bucha are very disturbing and the circumstances surrounding the incident and the specific causes must be ascertained.Any accusations should be based on facts, and all parties should exercise restraint and avoid groundless accusations until conclusions are drawn.Zhang also pointed out that China attaches great importance to the humanitarian issue in Ukraine and supports all initiatives and measures conducive to easing the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.As the conflict continues, China calls on the parties concerned to abide by international humanitarian law, protect the safety of civilians and civilian facilities, minimize civilian casualties, ensure safe and smooth evacuation and humanitarian access routes, and protect the basic rights of women, children and wounded prisoners of war.Humanitarian issues should not be politicized.The humanitarian needs of Ukraine and neighboring countries are enormous. International humanitarian agencies should remain neutral and impartial, actively mobilize and coordinate more resources, and make unremitting efforts to save lives and protect civilians.China has provided and will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and its neighboring countries.Source: Legal Daily’s official wechat account