A group of young people posing as old Chinese doctors, read “script” to see a doctor cheated more than 6,000 people

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“Old Traditional Chinese medicine” with “secret formula” special treatment of various male diseases, to the patient care, always answer questions.Surprisingly, the “senior old Chinese medicine” at the end of wechat is just a liar with a “script”.The 22 defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 10 years and six months to one year and six months, with fines ranging from the same amount.In May 2020, Mr. Zhou, a citizen of Changzhou, came across an advertisement for the treatment of male diseases on the Internet: “Well-known old Traditional Chinese medicine doctor, specializing in curing men’s indescribable secret.Jiaxia teacher wechat 189…”This gave Zhou, who was plagued and difficult to talk about, the idea of giving it a try and added the other party’s wechat.The other party called himself Teacher Xia, specializing in the treatment of male diseases for more than 30 years.”We use a secret Chinese herbal formula that works wonders for improving male function.A course of treatment is 3,000 yuan, and now the special price is 1,800 yuan.”After a speech, Mr. Zhou has some heart, but some doubt whether the drug is effective.”This is our business license, photo and location of the hospital store, my ID card, doctor’s certificate…”Zhou bought a course of medicine after confirming the other party’s id and the patient’s praise on wechat moments.After receiving the medicine, the hospital designated “Chinese medicine assistant” Yang teacher one to one guidance Mr. Zhou medication.Mr. Zhou has been eating for half a month without any improvement.After feedback to Mr. Yang, Mr. Xia made a follow-up visit for Mr. Zhou: “Your symptoms are serious, you need to change the second course of medicine, the drug cost 5000 yuan, to ensure that the medicine is effective.”In order to cure, Mr. Zhou cruel, bought a second course of medicine.The second course of medicine comes in bottles with more elaborate packaging.Mr. Zhou expected to take medicine on time, but still no effect.Mr Zhou to Yang teacher consultation, Yang teacher let him continue to change.Realizing he might be tricked, Mr. Zhou called the police.In November 2020, police arrested more than 60 suspects in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.Famous “old Chinese medicine” is a group of young people without medical qualifications.Originally, in April 2020, Guo, Chen and others in Nanchang city, Jiangxi province to rent three office buildings, under the guise of “baohe pharmacy”, through the network platform to publish false advertising, recruiting salesmen posing as old Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine assistant, online false diagnosis and treatment, deceives the victim to buy inferior Chinese medicine.According to the principal with replacement, he first use camouflage, opening a new entity qualification pharmacy and find retirement summer last name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, by promising -with way, the doctor took his id card, certificate photos, recorded his white coat “visit” video, packaging WeChat ID, did senior old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine pharmacy and full of drama.”The company sent us a set of materials prepared in advance, and after three days of training, I began to ‘see patients’.”Salesman Zhang mou confessed, “consultation is copy and paste ‘words art this’ in the content, no matter what customers say they have symptoms, all come down to impotence premature ejaculation, kidney deficiency, need to detoxify and other problems, deceiving customers to buy medicine.”The so-called one person, rare medicinal materials, is actually “one thousand people” of the three products.”I wholesale the medicine in the Chinese herbal medicine market, specially made into powder, pills, tablets and other different shapes, so that customers can not see the ingredients.”Guo said, “The price of a pill is dozens of yuan, ranging from a few hundred yuan, thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, mainly depending on customer acceptance.”After investigation, the company since its establishment, 7 months illegal profits of more than 30 million yuan, more than 6,000 people across the country have been deceived.On July 22, 2021, the Procuratorate of Changzhou Economic development District prosecuted 22 suspects of the gang for fraud, and the remaining 40 suspects are under investigation and prosecution.(Source: Procuratorial Daily by Li Lijun and Xie Qiyang)