Come and get POTS and pans!The police concentrated on returning stolen property before the festival

2022-09-19 0 By

POTS and pans are necessities of life, although the value is not high, but missing, really make a person very headache.Recently, Yuzhong District Wanglongmen police station has cracked 8 cases of financial crimes, arrested 9 suspects, and successfully recovered most of the stolen property involved.Police returned five motorcycles, three mobile phones, rice cookers, pressure cookers and other daily necessities worth more than 20,000 yuan to the victims at the scene on Tuesday afternoon.▲ Suspects and stolen goods in the return of stolen goods reporters noticed that a group of rice cookers, pressure cookers, electric kettles, insulation buckets and other household items are particularly conspicuous, and even a shovel and a shoulder hook, people are really surprised.According to the police handling the case, on January 3, wanglongmen police station has received a community of two white elephant street residents and nearby construction site alarm, said many kitchen appliances and site tools stolen home.Although the value of stolen goods is not big, but greatly affected the area of the people’s sense of security, police station immediately organized the police launched a case investigation.▲ Police quickly determined that this series of “POTS and pans” theft are one person, and locked the suspect’s identity information and moving rules.On the morning of July 7, police arrested the suspect, surnamed Yu, and seized stolen items such as rice cookers and spatulas from his temporary residence.According to account, the suspect is covet petty gain, take shoplifting, turn over the window to enter the way of continuous implementation of theft, all stolen goods are hidden in its home for their own use.At present, Yu has been suspected of theft by the public security organs to take criminal compulsory measures, the case is still in the process of further handling.Yuzhong police remind: The Spring Festival is approaching, people are looking forward to a warm reunion, but the end of the year is also a period of high incidence of fire, public security incidents, the general public must pay attention to personal safety, do a good job of fire prevention and theft related protection measures, have a safe, comfortable year, happy year.Before going out, be sure to close the doors and Windows and carefully check, do not store a large amount of cash and valuables at home;When traveling, take good care of your belongings and don’t go to crowded places.Once found stolen property, should immediately choose to report to the police.Upstream news reporter Tan Yao