During the Spring Festival card, playing mahjong attention!It’s illegal if you’re not careful!The consequences are serious

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Although China’s New Year holiday, but most people are immersed in the joy of New Year’s day, friends and relatives in dinner will amuse, playing CARDS playing mahjong is the more popular entertainment, no problem, but a minimum of entertainment, win once more than the statutory amount of money will be suspected of gambling will face fines and detention.How to distinguish between normal entertainment and gambling?Come to know quickly, avoid holiday unintentionally “tread on thunder”!Public security punishment standard according to “Public security Administration Punishment Law” article 70: for the purpose of profit, provide conditions for gambling, or participate in gambling gambling funds are large, shall be detained for less than 5 days or fined less than 500 yuan;If the circumstances are serious, he shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days and shall also be fined not less than 500 yuan but not more than 3,000 yuan.What is “mob gambling”?”The highest method, inspection about deal with gambling” the explanation of the concrete application of law in criminal case in the May 13, (2005) have this expression: for-profit, any of the following circumstances, belong to “gambling” prescribed in article three hundred and three of the criminal law: (a) more than 3 people gambling, tap profit amount up to 5000 yuan of above;(2) organizing gambling for three or more persons with an accumulative sum of 50,000 yuan or more;(3) organizing gambling for more than 3 persons, with an accumulative total of more than 20 participants;Then the question comes: accompany mother, accompany mother-in-law, can play mahjong……Does “playing” between relatives count as “gambling”?Small gambling between relatives is an exception!Article 70 of the Law on Punishment for Public security Administration: no punishment shall be given to relatives who, for the purpose of not making profits, engage in recreational activities such as playing mahjong or playing poker with property or winning;No punishment shall be given to persons other than relatives who engage in such recreational activities as playing mahjong or playing cards with a small amount of property.But how much is a “small amount”?Is there a standard?Generally speaking, a small amount should, in principle, not exceed the lower limit of larger amounts set by various localities.That downstairs chess card room, calculate not “gather crowd to gamble”?In a chess and card room, one of the following circumstances may constitute “crowd gambling” : “crowd gambling” refers to the organization of more than 3 people to gamble and the accumulative amount of profits from the draw reaches more than 5000 yuan;Organizing gambling for three or more persons with an accumulative amount of 50,000 yuan or more;Organizing gambling for 3 or more people, with an accumulative number of participants reaching 20 or more;Organizing more than 10 Citizens of the People’s Republic of China to gamble abroad and receiving kickbacks or referral fees from them.Xiaobian also remind a point, with the identity of national workers;Organizing state functionaries to gamble abroad;Whoever arranges for minors to participate in gambling or opens casinos to attract minors to participate in gambling shall be given a heavier punishment.Gambling is investigated by public security mechanism after what price 1. Light person public security is detained, take gambling for industry for a long time or open the personnel such as casino will be criminal detention to sentence.New Year Spring Festival at home is far more comfortable than detention, detention!This is the common cost of the gamblers.2. Criminal records should be accompanied by life;3. Individuals are restricted from joining the army, joining the Party, going abroad and studying abroad, and it is difficult to pass the political examination for joining the Party;4. Parents were sentenced for gambling and had lifelong criminal records. Their children were restricted from joining the army, joining the Party, going abroad and studying abroad.5. It is necessary to provide proof of no criminal record to apply for immigration visa and large-scale investment activities, and criminal record will accompany life. Citizens who are punished shall not be enlisted for active service.6. In addition to the above-mentioned public security penalties, criminal penalties and restrictions on personal children, public officials are also faced with party and government discipline or even dismissal after being punished for gambling;7. Record criminal record, and give heavier punishment for illegal or criminal acts in the future.Spring Festival visit relatives and friends must pay attention to quickly to remind relatives and friends!Source: NMTV News daily watch, Hohhot news comprehensive from the capital of Peace, Ningbo public security