Experts: China already has two stealth fighter jets

2022-09-19 0 By

In the past two years, the United States has been experiencing waves and waves. Although the whole world has been affected by the epidemic for two years, the United States seems to have suffered a bigger blow from this wave. In addition to becoming the world’s most infected country, the ensuing economic crisis also reached the mainland of the United States.This is just in 2022, the United States again “disaster” news.On January 24, a US F-35 fighter jet crashed on landing into the deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, injuring seven people.The US Navy confirmed on January 28 that an F-35C aircraft had crashed into the South China Sea.If the US speculates that China is “close to its border” with China, it will make a big fuss.The US says the F-35C contains some of the us Navy’s advanced technology and Washington does not want it to “fall into Beijing’s hands”.The US fighter jet landed in the South China Sea. Before we had said anything, the US first made a “wounded” appearance and made malicious speculations about China. It is true that it was shot while lying down.In response, military experts told the Global Times that the US is trying to deceive a gentleman. China already has two stealth fighters and the F-35C is of no reference value to China.At present, the United States in the South China Sea seabed salvage work has officially started, while the US Navy is once again speculating about China’s intentions, the United States believes that the site of the salvage is in Chinese waters, must be monitored by China.They also worry that China will “be the first” to salvage the F-35 and “steal” its advanced technology.The United States is clearly overthinking its rhetoric.Fu Qianshao, an air force expert, said, “Are we interested in their technology?”We already made two stealth fighters of our own.Zhao lijian echoed U.S. concerns that the fighter’s technology is not a problem for China today.Not only that, but the F-35 has technical flaws that China can easily fix.Does that make It worthwhile for China to spy on American technology?I wonder what the US is worried about.Moreover, Lockheed Martin, which developed the F-35C, had no previous experience in developing aircraft, so that they encountered various troubles in the process of developing the F-35C. Even after it was successfully developed, it underwent several modifications.This is not the first time that the US has had an accident in the South China Sea. Some time ago, a US nuclear submarine suddenly collided with the South China Sea for unknown reasons. Until now, the US side has not come forward to explain the reason.”We have no interest in their planes,” Zhao said.We advise relevant countries to do more things conducive to regional peace and stability, instead of flexing their force at every turn in the region.”After this incident, we once again see the “ability” of the United States to make trouble.Just as this time, China must hit back hard at America’s meddling.Part of the reference information source: China Youth Network.