Gu Ailing’s economic observation

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I knew there would be a lot of people online saying, “How many Gu Ailings are there?” The implication cannot be duplicated.Because the champion, outstanding students, family background, so no reference.Official media, “we media”, and so-called experts and scholars who enjoy the popularity have all jumped out to make a chaotic analysis, eager to pull out all the privacy of people, even grandparents’ information.I’ve seen this happen more than once. I’ve seen it too often.You have no chance, because Shi Yuzhu has a master’s degree from Shenzhen University.You have no chance, because Wang Shi his father is a government official, you have no chance, because Zhang Chaoyang is a Stanford student, Ding Lei with Guangdong telecom is old iron, Ren Zhengfei his father is the headmaster, Yuan Longping his father is gao Zhi, Ma Huateng his father is rich, Bill Gates his mother is still a senior executive.Can not pull the background of how to deal with it?Like the Liu Yonghao brothers, they were so poor when they were young that they almost jumped into a river.And the new zhang Yiming.You can also blame The Times: it was easy to make money during the reform and opening up, but now there is no chance.In the 1990s, I was engaged in construction and health care products, but I missed it. In 2000, I was able to make money because of the Internet.2010 was good money mobile Internet up, 2016 was good money artificial intelligence up…You make money when you’re young. I’m old now.It’s the trilogy of failures I wrote before: Crap, crap, dead!I’ve been aware of this way of thinking since I was a kid, and at least for my age, there hasn’t been much progress in decades!We respect science, but a lot of people are just too good to take the time to understand scientific analysis.Why don’t we teach it in our school?What’s the use of memorizing those dead books all day?Take an exam to forget, encounter specific problem a bit analysis ability all have no, I also be just recently learn to analyze a problem, because never nobody had mentioned, never know, also never have this consciousness!Every day to teach people to fish, in fact, back the book to give the answer, to the fish.If it’s not Lord Ye, what is it?It is suggested to close such low-level accounts, including but not limited to weibo, Douyin and other platforms. We do not need such low-level diversified garbage, whether it is official media editing or we media.And historically, the cultural atmosphere can and needs to be shaped.Because this is an important way to form social cohesion.Democracy, freedom, openness and inclusiveness also need to distinguish between good and bad.Otherwise, you become dogmatic, you go with the flow and you think you’re advanced.Gu Ailing this situation how to analyze?It’s really simple.There has always been a phenomenon called “example”, for example, we learn from Lei Feng, learn from his spirit.If someone analyzes: you can’t learn, because Lei Feng is the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army, or the car soldier, and is an orphan, is the Party organization to take care of the growing up, you are not so good luck can not touch so many difficult people, you are not 20 years old, you missed the era, you are not that era.Lei Feng you can’t learn, how many Lei Feng there are in the world?Do you think he’s sick when you meet him?Why are you okay with their analysis of Gu?Learning example on the one hand is to see the commonness, on the other hand is to combine their own conditions.It is no different from finding rules and combining specific conditions in scientific analysis.Gu Ailing said she should sleep 10 hours a day. I mentioned it in my previous article, and Bai Yansong from CCTV also noticed and mentioned it.All of these can be considered in combination with their own conditions.Why is it different from the idea that we used to advocate staying up late to show diligence?Isn’t it worth thinking about?In addition, Gu’s learning method is to do one thing at a time. I also thought about it in an article a long time ago. At that time, in order to improve efficiency, I wanted to imitate the fragmented processing method of computer chips and do many things at the same time with hands and feet.Later experiments showed that it was most efficient to tackle one thing at a time.Could this be the way her highbrow family has worked and learned over several generations?Without trial and error, so that you can learn efficiently at a young age?In addition, I was also curious about how Gu Arranged her sports and study.Her way is to spend half a year dedicated to study and half a year dedicated to physical exercise.I really want to know how she maintains her exercise level without exercising during the study period.If she publishes a book, I’ll buy it.They can also think at a higher level, such as why their family bucked the trend and did not stay in America like others, and gave up their hard-won Green card to develop in China.How has China itself changed?As for being accused of taking advantage of them.Where it works, it goes.What’s wrong with that?It’s like you went to America to learn from Lei Feng.Another example is: Gu Ailing studied in China for 10 days, which is equivalent to studying in the United States for 1 year.It’s also her secret weapon for being a top student.Is that tutoring hurting us, or helping us?Do we need to kill them all at once?Should we learn from American elite education, or the so-called happiness education of the United States?If there is a child who loves learning and has goals, we should let her play every day?Shut down all avenues of self-improvement?Human history is created by human beings, but there is no denying that it is also led by many elites, as can be seen from western art history.These elites often play a role in lowering the cost of information, and their personal success can tell the whole society that there is another way to get things done, such as getting enough sleep every day to concentrate on things.