High-end clothing care goes viral: Making rich people’s money is real money

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“High-end clothing is really difficult to manage, especially shirts and suits with wrinkles, if there are any appliances that can be fixed in one step.””Sometimes if you don’t pay attention, clothes made of Perissi fabric will become obsolete and difficult to care for.””It would be nice to have a machine that could take care of fancy clothes.”Approaching the Spring Festival, the author found that while discussing the problem of eating and drinking during the Spring Festival, there were also many netizens making fun of the difficult problem of high-end clothing care.With the continuous improvement of consumption level, the quality of our life is also constantly improving.Now, The Chinese market has entered the stage of elite consumption, and consumers have new requirements for food, clothing, housing and transportation.Especially in clothing, consumers tend to establish their own personal high-end clothing cleaning and care space.The author noted that the occurrence of COVID-19, so that the high-end clothing care machine with cleaning care, disinfection and sterilization functions quickly jumped up.For home appliance enterprises, high-end clothing care machine is a good track?Upgrade from laundry to private Care How can you take care of clothes that are not suitable for machine washing other than by sending them to dry cleaning?Past of high-end clothing consumer habits will be home to the dry cleaners and other professional nursing care shop, nowadays, people has experienced the baptism of the outbreak, began to wash protect, wear, and clothing sterilization requirements increased, laundry can not meet the nursing professional clothing, timeliness and health requirements, home care clothing gradually become industry trends.For now, changing consumer demand for high-end clothing care is essentially causing a change in the landscape.New consumer groups for high-end clothing drying, dry cleaning care requirements, clothing and health needs spawned new use scenarios.In this context, high-end clothing care machine emerges as The Times require, bringing users a lifestyle of clothing care that integrates a full set of luxury care, professional care and scientific storage.For example, users can put the necessary business suits, shirts, ties and other clothing into high-end clothing care machine for maintenance and shaping;The high-order dress to be worn at the banquet can be taken care of by the nursing machine, which can accurately identify the fabric of the dress and automatically match the washing procedure.The emergence of high-end nursing machine can deal with the drying and dry cleaning care needs of high-end clothes, so that users can get a healthier clothing care experience.The author saw and experienced the high-end clothing care machine for the first time in the 2018 China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE). A staff member at the booth of a Korean household appliance brand explained the high-end clothing care machine to visitors. There were a lot of people there at that time.You can see that the staff put the high-end clothes with obvious wrinkles into the clothing care machine, press the corresponding button, and open the wardrobe a few minutes later. The wrinkled clothes became as smooth as the newly bought ones. On the spot, some consumers were planted with the products and asked the staff for other functions and purchase methods of the products.In fact, high-end clothing care machine products in foreign markets for many years, Korean brands Samsung and LG have products on sale.In The Chinese market, high-end clothing care machine brands and products were put on sale only in 2017, but the price of up to 20,000 yuan makes many consumers shy away, and the promotion speed of products in the market is slow.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, clothing sterilization and disinfection has become the focus of attention of home users, and accordingly, not only can remove bacteria and taste but also wrinkle drying clothes care machine with the trend of the fire, the domestic market has not only LG, Samsung and other imported brands, but also appeared tianjun, Aoke, COLMO, COUCOQ Keyu, Mofei and other domestic brands.In AWE exhibitions in 2020 and 2021, the author obviously found that many clothing care machines of different brands appeared in the exhibition, and the sales growth trend of clothing care machines continued, and products became abundant.According to owei cloud network data show that in 2020, clothing care machine online sales of 17,000 units, sales of 48.6 million yuan.Retail sales of clothing care machines reached 3,169 units in May 2021, surpassing the monthly sales record of 3,104 units in November 2020.Many consumers choose high-end clothing care machines because of disinfection and sterilization functions.The process of changing consumers’ demand for clothing washing and care can be regarded as a brief history of the improvement of human living standards.In the 50s and 60s, people washed clothes by hand.Most family users after 70 and 80 use washing machines to wash clothes;The new consumer group after 85 and 90 began to pursue the ultimate dry cleaning care, high-end clothing care machine has become the first choice of young consumers.In the early days, the washing machine made a great contribution to the household users.However, with the development of society, “alternative manpower” washing clothes is no longer enough to support the current demand for clothes washing and care scene, and health washing and care have become the new direction of consumer clothing washing and care market.Now, the demand of emerging consumer groups to pursue quality life changes, so that the high-end care market is in a state of “fine-tuning”.Especially since the epidemic, consumers’ health demand for clothing washing and care is obvious.But for most products on the market, technological innovation has not kept pace with demand.How to adapt to high-end care needs through technological innovation has become a new proposition of high-end care industry.From clean washing to dry drying, and then to disinfection, sterilization functions, today’s consumers for clothing washing needs become more sophisticated.The transformation of people’s demand for clothing washing and care reflects the changes of The Times, and also shows the new consumption needs of this era.The emergence of high-end clothing care machine, not only realized the rapid and exquisite care of high-end clothing, but also led the latest trend of clothing care concept, to create a “smart” healthy life with scientific and technological innovation.With the rise of young consumer groups, many home appliance enterprises have transformed and upgraded their products and marketing methods for their emerging needs.For example, high-end clothing care machines integrate some functions of dryers and hanging ironing machines, and some products also have the ability to clean clothes.In the author’s opinion, clothing care is a complex matter, high-end clothing needs more professional care, in line with consumer demand to develop innovative products, in order to better occupy the market.Although the market of clothing care machine is hot, there are still some difficulties in market education. How to solve the pain points of clothing care for users and combine innovative products through scenarioization is a problem that every clothing care enterprise needs to think and solve.The market is heating up, the industry lacks unified standards with the mass consumption level transition, clothing care machine is also favored by the mass consumers.Clothing care machine from South Korea to the domestic home appliance market, in just a few years, has achieved greater development in China, tapping the door of opportunity in China’s high-end clothing care market.The rapid development of clothing care machine industry has attracted more brand attention.At present, the number of brands in this market has more than 20, and is still growing.Among them, Samsung, LG, Tianjun, Schuller’s and other brands occupy a relatively high market share, casati, Fisher, Senge, Panasonic, Mofei and other brands also occupy a part of the market share.From the perspective of brand layout, Samsung, LG, Casati and COUCOQ Keyu occupy the majority of high-end market share, and the price of products is more than 5000 yuan;Brands such as Tianjun, Shuluo, Feijun and Mofei focus on the middle and high-end market, with prices ranging from 2,000 yuan to 5,000 yuan.There are also some small and medium-sized brands that focus on the entry level market, and their products are mostly simple wardrobe products under 2000 yuan.In terms of channel layout, the offline market is still the main battlefield of high-end clothing care machines.However, at this stage, the clothing care machine market is still in the stage of product development and education. The industry needs to work together through online and offline channels and multi-dimensional reach to better present the value of clothing care machine.At present, although the clothing care machine market is hot, the industry has not issued national standards or industry standards, the lack of unified measurement standards for products, resulting in uneven product quality in the market.For example, clothes care machine drying clothes at 40℃-60℃ low temperature, in order to better protect clothing fiber products, but there are still many essence or traditional PTC heating products on the market, many of them may not meet such requirements, but also called “clothes care machine”.The performance indicators provided by the manufacturer seem rigorous, but actually are not too convincing.After several years of development, many clothing care machine brands have entered into hotels, apartments and other places, and many clothing care machine brands have begun to look for value-added cooperation. Under the win-win situation of cooperation and broadening users’ product cognition, this is also a considerable market opportunity.In the author’s opinion, at this stage, the clothing care machine industry is in a state of readiness, for imported brands and domestic brands, function and technological innovation can promote product iteration and update, outward brand development, improve quality awareness.For brands in the clothing care machine industry, technology will be the key to the enterprise to achieve stable growth in the market.By upgrading product technology, manufacturers can achieve better clothing care effect and improve user experience.Write in finally nowadays home appliance product is no longer frosty decoration, however was gifted aesthetic and emotional demand personalized intelligent product.High-end clothing care machine as an emerging industry, its contactless cleaning, sterilization, wrinkle removal and other functions, to bring safe and intelligent life experience for people living in the epidemic.Obviously, in the new track, not only has imported brand, also have the Chinese electrical appliances enterprise, in order to open the market, to dispel the doubts of consumers, manufacturers is necessary to improve products, also need to establish or industry standards imposed on the raise barriers to entry, standardize the market development, leading to positive and healthy direction.