Is changan UNI-K iDD competitive?

2022-09-19 0 By

The rising trend of oil price is becoming more and more obvious, which makes new energy products in the automobile market more dazzling. Especially at the moment of the explosion of self-owned brand new energy technology, a large number of new hybrid products are launched, dazzling people.The recently launched Changan Uni-K iDD model is equipped with blue Whale iDD hybrid system for the first time, with a price range of 176,900 yuan to 192,900 yuan.From the data point of view, the car NEDC pure electric range of 130km, comprehensive range of 1100km, data performance and price range in the same level of products is quite competitive, next, we will take a look at this hybrid model have what characteristics!First of all, in terms of appearance, changan UNI-K iDD continues the design style of the fuel version. The borderless middle net and the internal dot matrix design make it more sportive. The two sides of the headlights are sharp in shape, and the lower three-fork day lights are very recognizable.The side lines of the body are relatively smooth, and the lines outline the shape of the face with full three-dimensional feeling, and the door handle also uses a hidden layout.The taillights adopt the popular through-through design, and the interior also uses the fumigating treatment, and the tailgate adopts the two-sided rectangular exhaust layout.In terms of body size, the car is the same as the fuel version, with a length of 4865/1948/1690mm and a wheelbase of 2890mm.In terms of size, the UNI-K iDD, which is targeted at mid-size SUVs, has a good space advantage over its peers.Interior design has a sense of layers, the central control area is covered with leather and soft materials, and the use of piano paint and chrome material embellished, well-proportioned design more fashionable.The center screen is tilted to the driver’s side, and the physical buttons are basically eliminated, while the physical buttons on the shift mechanism and steering wheel are retained.The LCD meter is composed of three screens, and the position is higher, so it replaces the HUD function, and after a long time of use, the information is more convenient.Changan UNI-K iDD is a hybrid system consisting of blue Whale NE1.5T special hybrid engine, Blue Whale triclutch transmission, battery and BLUE Whale iDD electric control system.The maximum power of the engine is 122kW and the peak torque is 255Nm. The maximum power of the driving motor is 85kW and the peak torque is 330Nm.The battery pack capacity is 30.7kwh, the official NEDC pure electric range is 130km, the comprehensive range of full fuel full electric range is 1100km, the minimum fuel consumption of 100km is 0.8L.In addition, THE iDD hybrid system supports 220V household charging and AC/DC double fast charging, and can support external discharge function to meet the needs of outdoor electricity.In the end: With the policy drive and technological progress, self-owned brand hybrid technology has been comprehensively upgraded. From the perspective of the market, wei Brand DHT, BYD DM-I, Changan iDD, Chery Kunpeng, Geely Raytheon Hi·X and other hybrid technologies have been put on the market one after another, while the hybrid market previously dominated by Japanese brands is facing a reshuffle.Changan UNI-K iDD has a higher price than the fuel version. However, compared with the oil-electric hybrid, changan UNI-K iDD with plug-in hybrid does not have purchase tax, and can enjoy the green card and unlimited policies, etc. Overall, the price of Changan UNI-K iDD can also be accepted by many consumers.After all, compared with the joint venture oil/electric hybrid price of more than 150,000 yuan, Changan UNI-K iDD cost-effective is quite good.