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You are a not beautiful flower, blooming with heart;I am a stupid bird, bravely fly forward.The same earth, the same sky, is the flower is about to bloom, is the bird is about to fly.No.2 Appreciate flowers, can quietly help you, dilute a touch of sad clouds, evoke a sad joy, remember a sour beauty, hide a beautiful with tears.No.3 You bloom is yan, I change the mud to protect flowers, want to pick up pattern appearance, had No youth in those days.No distractions, and flowers gaze, troubles float to the clouds;Watching the flowers bloom, you pretend to smile with yourself, instantly in a good mood.I know that after the flowers have gone, spring will come again. I also know that when flowers bloom again, people will never be young again.Half of life, how much emotion, how much desolation.But I know this: I have seen a lot of spring flowers, and I will see a lot more spring flowers.Author: The bird starts the journey of “quotation body” creation.Life understanding language, simple words yifeng, a picture a word, the scene blend.Thank you for your support!