Shanghai: “Dandan small window” warmth transfer police to solve “urgent and anxious hope”

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Mr Wu got “Dan Dan small window” Ren Yin year issued the first account book.Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Baoshan branch for the picture (Spring to go grassroots) Shanghai: “Dandan small window” warm circulation police to solve the “urgent and anxious hope” China New Network Shanghai February 6 (Li Shuzheng CAI Chan jing) February 6, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, is the Shanghai police station comprehensive window work on the first day.Shanghai municipal public Security Bureau baoshan branch of the “star window” — Wusong police station of the “Dandan small window”, a start ushered in an endless stream of residents.MAO Dandan, an advanced police officer in Shanghai, is here to handle routine business such as card replacement and household registration transfer.In order to solve the problem of people’s “urgent and anxious expectations”, Maodandan carried out a “New Year’s inventory”, and “reservation” residents came to the window on the first day of construction.Policeman MAO Dandan deals with business for Mr Wu.”Officer MAO’s careful guidance and heart-warming ‘appointment’ made me settle down before the End of the Spring Festival holiday!”Get “Dan Dan small window” Ren Yin year issued the first account thin Mr. Wu overjoyed.Mr. Wu belongs to the “talent category” settled personnel.According to the traditional process of transferring hukou from one province to another, Wu can only submit the documents by running offline. The whole process requires the applicant not only to go back and forth, but also to the police station at least four times.Since 2021, the business will be introduced according to the Yangtze river delta region of registered permanent residence migration across the province for the convenience of measures, in accordance with the requirements of the relevant policy provisions, wu simply by “across the province registered permanent residence migration” online service, a one-time generated online ZhunQianZheng electronic information, begin the work, such as the domicile check without running it.As Mr. Wu is busy with his work, vacation time is precious.In this regard, police MAO Dandan took the initiative to contact Mr Wu when sorting out the work before the festival, and made an appointment for him on the first day of the comprehensive window on the 6th, so that it will not affect the normal work on the 7th.On the same day, Mr Wu rushed to wusong police station in accordance with the agreement integrated window, MAO Dandan only used 30 minutes, will account online migration procedures to complete.”I will continue to run for a better life in the New Year.”Wu said after being handed a brand new hukou.The changing situation of COVID-19 has also brought challenges to household registration.In late January, district residents Li Aunt to wusong comprehensive window, consulting daughter Wang’s ID card for business.Originally, Xiao Wang is studying in Hong Kong university, id card is about to expire, need to get a new ID card before the start of the school.But the winter vacation time of college students is short, and they have to do a good job of “14+7” quarantine measures when they go home. Aunt Li is afraid of delaying the children’s return to school.According to the latest policy during the epidemic, Wang’s family members can come to apply for the replacement of his ID card.MAO Dandan immediately applied for a replacement card for Xiao Wang in accordance with the new policy and gave the new temporary ID card to Aunt Li on the spot.”I did not expect so humanized, children can feel at home for the New Year.”Li auntie said.MAO Dandan instructs people to do online business.The Shanghai public security bureau baoshan branch for figure because of the special reasons, the outbreak since this year, MaoDanDan has passed along with the bid to host the APP guidance over 20 people online registration certificates, certificate of no criminal record, and through the electronic LiangZheng licensing family commissioned work, not only let people run less, also reduce the risk of infection during the epidemic.Whenever the New Year approaches, “Dandan little window” more lively than usual, some have left wusong police station area of the old residents will specially come to visit MAO Dandan, with Dandan New Year, say two words of the current situation.Aunt Zhong, one of the old residents, is an educated youth returning to Shanghai.More than ten years ago, MAO Dandan is still a window business novice, under the guidance of the master, for Aunt Zhong dealt with its children back to Shanghai settled matters.Aunt Zhong also insisted on settling down in the public house after selling the house, because “Dandan little window” is here.Even after aunt Zhong had moved to the outer district, she still habitually turned to MAO Dandan for help.Fate has been tied for more than ten years.A few days ago, Aunt Zhong returned to Shanghai from the educated youth, but also specially to the window to bring dandan two local old hens and local specialties.In order to live up to the old man’s wishes, MAO dandan did not simply return the gift.She prepared fruit and a small red envelope, express to the old man’s home.Aunt Zhong came to the inn, two people laugh and say happy New Year to each other, “Dandan small window” warm circulation.(after)