She just got on the plane, was picked up by his waist “little thing, want to escape again?”Super sweet

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Today, xiaobian continues to introduce good novels to fans, and let fans see addictive friends don’t sleep in minutes!If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!She was just on the plane, he picked up the waist “little thing, and want to escape?”Super sweet the first: “refuse to marry rich and powerful family: hundred million cold wife” author: Remember Jiang Hong introduce: Blue music wind: the big master of the gem of Blue family name, he that one wishes to become psychological doctor, escape from the door in the night of black night of a wind tall, become the unlucky ghost below high-heel shoes unexpectedly.Cold yi snow: for the life and go out early and return late entrepreneur, inadvertently hit come a cheat eat cheat drink big master.Pit guide a: “no ah?”Yi Xue still did not understand, she also sat down and looked at Wang Jiaojiao: “Why do you ask? Was he angry yesterday?”Wang Jiaojiao a little bitter: “that blue boy did not provoke Yu Hua Ge angry!”Oh, that’s what it is!Cold Yi Xue just understand Wang Jiaojiao’s question, think of yesterday’s things really called a thriller.She told Wang Jiaojiao what had happened yesterday, and Wang jiaojiao listened with trepidation.No wonder Yu Hua was not angry, but also smiled like a peony, and they did not meet for a long time.She guessed all night, why would be like this, Jiao Jiao is not convinced, she carefully arranged everything, but also yi Snow hid in the past.Yi Snow but heartless said she and blue music wind embarrassment, completely did not notice the pain of Wang Jiaojiao.(click below free reading) the second: “fortunately, meet you” author: Su Qianyu introduction: “we huo home is not you this kind of woman can enter the door.”Five years ago, Hosi cheng’s mother in the school, pointing at her nose to say this sentence, Chu Qianqian thought that she and Hosi Cheng will not have any communication from now on.Into the pit guide two: when the morning sun just shine in, Chu Qianqian woke up.Vaguely looking around her, she clearly remembered that she had been sleeping on the sofa yesterday, but now she had gone to bed?When Chu Qianqian washed and went to the living room, was startled.Huo Si cheng is one meter tall, lying on her two sofa, feet up outside, sleeping is sweet.Chu Qianqian went to the kitchen, take the front, eggs, tomatoes and coriander, very natural to do two people’s breakfast, when Huo Sicheng got up, after washing, she will have the noodles on the table.”You did?”Huo Sicheng asked her, looking at two steaming bowls of tomato and egg noodles on the table.”Well, I don’t know if it’s your cup of tea.”(Click below to read for free) The third book: “The Big Four plutocrats: Black Women” author: Tofu sweet potato whole wheat bread Introduction: Her belly is black, she is vicious;He’s a snake. He’s a bully.He, the thunder group unknown prince ye, is the founder of the DK of the international shock, the rumor of the ferocious and violent devil should also have the heart of the people holding.In previous lives he had been his lover in the cold, but in this one he was his enemy of usurpation.Guide into pit three: gu Chen wind is confused of looking at land Yan yan, do not understand the meaning of his wry smile, be not letter or incredible or have another deep meaning?”Eat, drink, and be merry today on my account.”Liu Yu pulls open a door, Lu Yan yan rises to step pack room, resemble the emperor on high forever, leave lofty but lonely figure to let a person see and see alone.Gu Chen wind coagulates eyebrow to be more puzzled, just come atmosphere return line, what sentence he say stimulate provoke anger him?Ah, cup after cup of fierce drink, it is true love frustrated friends field is not easy career is not easy, he Gu Chen feng recruit who provoke who, each love to give him look, good temper is also his fault.A dark shadow flashed through the crack of the door. Gu Chenfeng sat up suddenly and put down his wine glass. “Isn’t that the waiter who disappeared after a one-night stand?”I never felt this bad when I was a fucking virgin, just a one-night stand, the first time I lost it to a casual waitress?Isn’t it just a drunken, promiscuous animal?What man hasn’t been there? No accident.Thank you for your reading. If you feel the book recommended by xiaobian meets your taste, welcome to give us a comment and leave a message!Pay attention to the book ink gallery fragrance, xiaobian continue to recommend wonderful novels for you!