We need a dynamic business environment

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□ Dazhong Daily commentators can’t enhance their innovation in economic and social development without the support of a good environment.To promote innovation in the business environment and carry out initiatives to improve the business environment through systematic optimization of processes and mechanisms and comprehensive improvement of governance efficiency, is to provide a solid institutional guarantee for the vigorous development of various market entities and the full release of the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship.The business environment is all about productivity, competitiveness and innovation.Where the business environment is good, talents, funds and projects will go where they will.In recent years, our province to develop continuously improve quality benefit, remarkable increase of innovation power, the kinetic energy conversion rapidly increase, the capital, talent, innovation elements such as project appeal is growing, and we accelerate institutional innovation, process reengineering, deepening the reform of “pipes”, promote business environment among the country’s first phalanx, there is a direct relationship.Based on the new stage of development, a new round of regional competition, but also the competition in the development environment and the cost of doing business, whoever can continue to take the lead in business environment innovation will be the first to reshape development advantages and win the initiative in development.Building a first-class business environment is a systematic project involving many aspects.Efficient and convenient government affairs environment, fair competition market environment, strong factor environment, harmonious and stable cultural environment, open and transparent rule of law environment, quality and warm service environment, etc., are all indispensable.For building such an ecosystem, provincial party committee focused enterprise (the difficulty point, from easy to handle affairs, reduce cost, fair competition, the rule of law environment and other aspects, take out a series of new recruit unreal hard, with deeply reform break system mechanism, with the rule of law cure good experience in practice, to stabilize the market expectations, boost the development of confidence has played a vital role.A good implementation of these high-value policies and measures will open up a higher level and broader space for the development of all types of enterprises.To improve the business environment, there is no best, only better.As long as we firmly grasp the fundamental principle of institutional innovation, constantly create new institutional advantages, constantly improve the quality of services throughout the chain, and promote the better combination of efficient market and effective government, we will be able to stimulate strong endogenous impetus and innovation vitality, and help Shandong achieve a new leap in high-quality development.