Yunnan Kaiyuan City science and Technology Association with many departments to help the one-eyed old man to see again

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Net news (reporter Peng Xi) recently, in yunnan honghe hani and yi autonomous prefecture kaiyuan county association for science and technology, popular science education base in honghe eye health (love, ophthalmology group old love eye hospital) in the city’s small LongTan Town neosaurus community jointly launched “2022 vision health science action small longtan station visual health science” series of activities.At the scene of the activity, kaiyuan Science and Technology Association, eye Health Science and Education base found a special old man — Pu Xuefen.It turned out that grandma Pu years ago because of eye pain in a hospital in Kaiyuan city surgery to remove the right eye.He has blurred vision in his left eye and is close to blindness.”Originally I only have one eye, if the end of this eye can not see, then I will not go out, eat food can not see clearly.Will you please do something for this last eye?”Pugh said.In order to save the patient’s only one eye, zhao Sibo, a staff member of the eye health Science education Base, took Pu to the old Aier eye Hospital for further examination at the commission of the village cadres.After careful examination, he was diagnosed with senile cataracts and needed surgery to regain sight.It is understood that Pu, a disabled woman living alone, the girl married away, son can not be contacted, now living in a house built by the government, through the village group, Kaiyuan Science and Technology Association, Gejiu Aier Eye Hospital cataract department, eye health science and Education base work committee jointly negotiated and raised the treatment fees.On April 2, Pugh regained her sight after cataract surgery.At first, I was worried that I could not see and could not take care of myself. When I arrived at the hospital, I found that the medical staff took good care of me. Before, I could not see everyone’s face clearly, but now my eyesight has reached 0.6.When I returned home, I found that the house assigned by the government was very beautiful and clean.Thank you very much.”Grandma Pu said gratefully.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: