After illegal parking on the motorway, the driver was found to be only qualified to drive a motorcycle

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He only had a motorcycle license after illegally parking on the highway.Chen MinCover news reporter Chen Zhangcai illegally parked his car on the expressway, and the high-speed traffic police found that the driver had only obtained a motorcycle driving license, and was not qualified to drive a car.On the evening of February 19, sichuan high-speed public security three branch 14 team to illegal driving wang mou executive administrative detention.At 15:42 on February 15, sichuan high speed public security third branch 14 team police patrol to G76 Xiamrong high speed K1744 near the Macheng toll station, found a small car parked in the emergency lane, a man beside the car urinate.The illegal driver was put under administrative detention.After discovering this illegal act, the police immediately took the party Wang mou away from the safe area and carried out investigation.When the police asked Wang to show a motor vehicle driving license, Wang prevarications said no driving license.Police found through the platform, Wang only obtained a two-wheeled motorcycle driving license (E license), no other types of vehicle driving license records.In the face of the police inquiry, Wang argued that do not know E card can not drive a car.The police carried out a severe education to Wang, informed its dangerous behavior belongs to driving without a license, has been lawfully detained Wang driving license, deduct 12 points, fined 1000 yuan and administrative detention 5 days.February 19 evening, Wang was sent to detention.(Photo provided by the 14th Team of Sichuan High-speed Public Security Bureau)