At the Welcome Banquet for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

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Beijing, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) –2022 winter Olympic Games in Beijing welcome banquet speech (February 5, 2022) of the People’s Republic of China President xi jinping respect of Bach President, distinguished colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, friends: in the Chinese people celebrate the New Year festival days, with each new and old friends reunion in Beijing, I am very happy.Let me begin by extending, on behalf of the Chinese government and people, my wife and in my own name, a warm welcome to all the distinguished guests attending the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.I also wish to express my heartfelt thanks to all the governments, peoples and international organizations that have shown concern for and supported the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.I would also like to express my special thanks to all of you for coming to Beijing to cheer for the Winter Olympics and China, despite the difficulties and inconvenience brought by COVID-19.The Beijing Winter Olympics officially opened at the National Stadium last night.The Olympic flame was lit in Beijing for the first time in 14 years, making Beijing the first Olympic city in the world.Guided by the principles of green, shared, open and clean Hosting, China has made every effort to overcome the impact of COVID-19, honored its solemn commitment to the international community and ensured the smooth holding of the Beijing Winter Olympics as scheduled.Getting more people to participate in snow and ice sports is one of the main themes of the Olympic Movement.By preparing for and promoting the Winter Olympic Games, China has introduced ice and snow sports into people’s homes, achieved the goal of attracting 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports, and made new contributions to the global Olympic cause.Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,Since ancient times, the Olympic Movement has carried mankind’s pursuit of peace, unity and progress.– We should keep in mind the original aspiration of the Olympic Movement and jointly safeguard world peace.The Olympic Movement lives for and thrives on peace.Last December, the UN General Assembly adopted by consensus the Resolution on the Olympic Truce, calling for the promotion of peace through sport, representing the common aspiration of the international community.We should respect each other, treat each other as equals, engage in dialogue and consultation, resolve differences and eliminate conflicts, and work together to build a world of lasting peace.– We should carry forward the Olympic spirit and unite to meet the common challenges of the international community.COVID-19 is still raging, and global issues such as climate change and terrorism keep emerging.The international community should be “more united”.Only by uniting and working together for the future can countries effectively cope with it.We should practice true multilateralism, uphold the INTERNATIONAL system with the United Nations at its core and the international order based on international law, and work together to build a big international family of harmony and cooperation.– We should live up to the Olympic goals and continue to advance the cause of human progress.The goal of the Olympic movement is to realize the all-round development of human beings.We should follow the trend of The Times, uphold the common values of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations, and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind.Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,”Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the toso.”China has just celebrated the Year of the Tiger.Tiger symbolizes strength, courage and fearlessness. I wish the Olympic athletes full of strength and great achievements like tiger.I believe that with our joint efforts, the Beijing Winter Olympics will go down in history as a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games.Finally, LET me propose a toast to the vigorous development of the International Olympic Movement, to the lofty cause of peace and development of mankind, and to the health of all the distinguished guests and your families.