Chinese New Year Bags distributed by the Consulate-General in Surabaya

2022-09-20 0 By

Taurus bows out the old year, fu Hu welcomes the New Year.Recently, the Chinese Consulate General in Surabaya, with the assistance of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Surabaya, the Federation of Industry and Commerce in Central Java, and the consular Assistance volunteers of the Consulate General, prepared more than 1,300 “Spring Festival bags” for Chinese compatriots in the region and delivered them in time by express delivery, conveying the care and sympathy of the Party and the government to overseas compatriots.Consul General Gu Jingqi, on behalf of all the staff of the Consulate General, sent letters of congratulations and best wishes to the compatriots in the territory for the Spring Festival.In his letter, Consul General Gu said that in the past year, compatriots in the REGION have helped each other and overcome difficulties in the face of COVID-19, demonstrating the unity and perseverance of the Chinese nation.In the New Year, let us continue to strive at a new starting point and on a new journey.The kits include medical masks, lianhua qingwen capsules, hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention supplies collected by the Consulate General, as well as Chinese New Year gifts such as letters of sympathy, greeting cards and the Chinese character “Fu” from Consul General Gu, making everyone feel the care of the motherland and festive atmosphere even in foreign countries.After receiving the “Spring Festival bag”, compatriots all expressed that the “Spring Festival bag” embodies the love of the motherland and the miss of the Consulate General.We are very proud of the growing strength of our motherland and will make unremitting efforts for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the further development of China-Indonesia relations on the new journey.END