Li Guosheng visited the frontline cadres and workers during the Spring Festival

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Deep concern drum drive, sound blessing warm heart.On February 1, the first day of the Lunar New Year, Li Guosheng, party secretary of the CPC Central Committee, took the care of the Party committee and the government to visit the personnel on duty of sanitation, electric power, emergency, fire control, radio and television, traffic checkpoints and public security traffic police, and extended holiday greetings and New Year wishes to the cadres and staff working in the front line during the Spring Festival.City leaders Zhangjiaming, Wang Jinqi, He Zhenling, Li Jianchang attended the condolence.At the intersection of Wenhua Road and Shenhuo Avenue, Li visited sanitation workers and thanked them for their long-term contribution to keeping the city clean and maintaining the city’s image.He said that people use brooms to sweep away the cleanliness and beauty of the city and the beauty and comfort of people’s living environment.We hope that people from all walks of life will give more support to sanitation work and create a good atmosphere of respect and care for sanitation workers.In the city power supply company, Li Guosheng listened to the Spring Festival power supply plan and New Year’s work plan, understand the holiday work and living arrangements of the front-line schedulers.Li said that the Spring Festival is a peak period for electricity consumption, so he hoped that everyone should stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, pay close attention to load changes, arrange emergency repair personnel, materials and vehicles in advance, and strengthen dispatching and operation management to ensure smooth operation of the power grid and reliable power supply.In the city emergency management bureau, Li Guosheng video call to the county (city, district) emergency duty personnel, and on-site dispatch of Ningling, Zhecheng emergency management work.Li guosheng said that the emergency command center as the city’s overall social control center and command center, effectively ensure the safety of the city’s people and social stability.Going forward, I hope you will strengthen your sense of responsibility and mission, strengthen institutional building, promote workplace safety and epidemic prevention and control in a coordinated way, and effectively improve your ability to prevent and respond to emergencies. With keen insight and determination, we will be able to take appropriate and effective measures to ensure prompt response, resolute response, scientific and effective response.In the city fire rescue detachment command center, Li Guosheng video link city, county two fire rescue teams, pointed out that to continue to play a good style, comprehensive investigation and resolve fire hazards, improve the emergency plan, to ensure the Spring Festival fire safety.In Shangqiu radio and TELEVISION station, Li Guosheng visited the staff on duty and interacted with the reporters on the scene through the network live broadcast system.Guo-sheng li on radio and TV work over the past year results give affirmation, hope New Year will continue to carry forward, around the center work of the municipal party committee, the initiative service, keep the main land, singing the main melody, play ZhuDongZhang, spread the positive energy, speak good story in shangqiu, spread good shangqiu voice, for the party’s great victory at 20 and create a good atmosphere for public opinion.”Hard work, everyone!In lianyuoyang high-speed station epidemic prevention and control check card point, Li Guosheng kindly card point on duty.Li guosheng pointed out that the prevention and control of the epidemic must be tightened at all times, the pass must be moved forward, the highway jam must be tightened, the prevention and control barrier must be firmly built, and the life safety and health of people in the city must be effectively guaranteed.He called for caring for those on duty at the checkpoints, addressing the worries of comrades, and providing strong logistical support for epidemic prevention and control.In shangqiu good man cultural Square, Li Guosheng visited the police who stick to their posts and expressed heartfelt thanks to the police on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government for their important contributions to maintaining social security and stability over the past year.He said that the city’s public security police gave up their homes for everyone, selfless dedication, loyal performance of duty, fully demonstrated the public security organs at the critical moment of responsibility.I hope that we will continue to carry forward the fine tradition of “the masses celebrate the festival, the police stand guard”, continue to carry forward the work style of not fearing hardship, continuous combat, dare to fight a tough battle, go all out to do a good job in the security and stability work, to ensure that the people spend a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.