National hog prices rise and fall table | February 6, 2022, pig prices green falling tomorrow

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Today is February 6, 2022, the domestic pig price again showed an inevitable decline trend, the average price of pigs outside the three yuan, three yuan, local miscellaneous pigs are around 13 yuan/kg, the domestic pig price has reached the lowest range in nearly four years, pig farmers early clearance is a profit.However, on the contrary, the price of corn rose sharply, leading to a further decrease in the ratio of pig to grain. Today, the price of corn rose 67 yuan, and the ratio of pig to grain came to 4.88:1.After the Spring Festival, pig farmers should find another way out.Today’s specific pig price market, look at today’s pig price market analysis.February 6, the average price of pigs in China was 13.72 yuan/kg, down 0.53 yuan/kg.The three yuan price of live pigs was 13.30 yuan/kg, down 0.59 yuan/kg.The price of hogs was 12.76 yuan/kg, down 0.7 yuan/kg;Today, the national corn price rose 67 yuan/ton, the price of 2814 yuan/ton;Soybean meal fell 48 yuan/ton to 3,732 yuan/ton.Pig price analysis: Pig prices in North China continue to fall, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other places have come to the 13 yuan/kg mark, some areas to 12 yuan below, pig market completely collapse!Pig prices in northeast China have been lower than the national average, and today the price in Heilongjiang fell below 12 yuan, making it the best option for farmers to close their farms.The pig price in east China is affected by the pig price in northeast and north China. Today, the pig price also continues to fall. In Shandong province, Jiangsu Province, Shanghai and other places, the pig price below 13 yuan/kg emerges one after another.Pig prices in central and southern China are generally below 15 yuan/kg. Due to the small number of local pig farmers, the pig price in Hainan province has also dropped to 16 yuan/kg today, which is a relief for local consumers.Southwest, northwest pig prices today is also a piece of green, which sichuan province pig prices came to the edge of the cliff, many ground pig prices to 13 yuan/kg of the pass, now spell who discount less.The above is today’s pig price analysis, it is expected that with the resumption of work and production further development, the domestic pig price will continue to fall, pig farmers or as early as possible to prepare for the best.I am @pig baby’s public servant , to understand the latest pig prices every day, welcome everyone to pay attention to me!