Steam adventure game Paper Art Adventure is on sale and Crust is on sale

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The Chinese version of Corpse Eating Adventure Rice has been released in Japan.Another Steam adventure game, Paper Art Adventures, is on sale, and you can’t miss it!Crust, a colonial simulation strategy game, has been released today, and its configuration requirements have also been revealed.Corpse Eating Adventure Dinner will be released in Chinese version of the official introduction video Chinese game Plus one!Sega has announced that the Chinese version of Japanese dungeon survival SRPG ganfan Battle will be released on June 30. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the official video.In this game, players will take on the role of an adventurer who can customize hair styles, faces, voices, occupations, etc., to explore the maze, and can form a team of up to 4 people to challenge the maze.A variety of monsters live in the maze, and ingredients collected in the maze can be used to make adventure meals.Adventure meals not only strengthen adventurers, they can also be fed to enemies to weaken them in battle.There are four levels of difficulty to choose from, and the higher the difficulty, the richer the drops.This game is basically similar to The war of the Underworld, I believe that those who like the war of the Underworld will also like this game.Corpse Eaters will be released on June 30 on PS4/Switch (digital only on PS4), so if you’re interested, you can look forward to the launch of Steam adventure Game Paper Art Adventures.It’s paper Art Adventure, an adventure game from game developer Petums.The original price is 39 yuan, but the standard version is currently priced at 27.3 yuan with a 30% discount. Interested players can purchase it from the Steam Store page.(Click here) this is a puzzle adventure game, is characterized by the game model all use paper carving craft production, was locked in the prison of the fairy small paper slip out of the prison met the fairy small art, two fairies will fight together to bring harm to the world of paper monsters.The story is depicted with animation and sound effects throughout, and players can enjoy a fantasy paper world surrounded by light and shadow.The wonderful world of paper can only be preserved by beating down the burning dark monster.VEOM Studio has released a new colonial simulation strategy game called Crust, which is available in Simplified Chinese.The game will be available on Steam on November 26th.In this game, you play the role of the CEO of a large lunar colonization company, who continues to grow his company to dominance and power in an effort to make humanity an interstellar species.Newer processors are killed by Windows 7 64-bit cpus. Newer processors are killed by Windows 7 64-bit cpus.Inlel I5-2500K, 4-Cores @3.30 GHz or Equivalent AMD-HardwareNvidia® GeForce™ GTX 750 or AMD® Radeon™ HD 7870GeForce 960 or Equivalent with 4GB of video RAM storage space: requires 12 GB of free space. Unfortunately, this game does not support Simplified Chinese at the moment