The Basketball Invitational tournament was held in Longtang Town, Xuwen County

2022-09-20 0 By

In order to enrich people’s cultural and sports life and create a strong atmosphere of the Spring Festival, longtang town of Xuwen County held a basketball invitational tournament to welcome the New Year and celebrate the New Year in xiachi New Village on February 3.Longtang town representative team, 23 basketball club two representative teams participated in the competition.Before the game began, Longtang town basketball team leader Xiao Binrong said, hope to take the opportunity of the invitational match, match out of style, match chu level, set off a new climax of national fitness activities.In the game, the players adhering to the game first, friendship second concept of the game, under the enthusiastic support of the audience, each player flexibly move, tacit understanding of the pass, accurate shooting, won the audience warm cheers and shouts, make the atmosphere of the game heating up.After more than two hours of fierce competition, Xuwen County 23 club 120 to 110 won the championship.It is understood that the town this competition has been held several times, through this sport, enrich the villagers’ cultural and sports life, but also the concept of national fitness to the villagers, showing the new era, new countryside, new farmers of the new look, let the national fitness to help rural revitalization.Source: Xu Wen propaganda