The city’s first batch of migrant workers took a “point-to-point, one-stop” bus back to work

2022-09-20 0 By

On Feb. 5, 9, paper first visit to the Chinese New Year of 2022 migrant workers “peer-to-peer” one-stop “work style” return car in cross bus station start, 89 waste by migrant workers after temperature detection, such as health and code process, on the first class in guangdong back car, about 24 hours later, they will arrive in the destination return of migrant workers.This is also the city after the Spring Festival this year after the first concentration of migrant workers back to work.According to Wang Chuan, director of the Migrant Worker Service Center in Guang ‘an District, the “point-to-point one-stop” bus has been in operation for three years, which can not only reduce the risk of epidemic prevention and control during the process of returning to work, but also facilitate the returning workers to find jobs at the gate of the factory.”All passengers on the bus returning to work were tested for nucleic acid in advance.”Wang chuan is introduced, in order to better provide travel service, the city set up a working group on migrant workers migrant workers service, on a migrant working site, return time, after the employment intention and the way of travel MoPai all-round, and through the dock with the concentrated in the enterprise and government workers actively, advance planning “point to point, one-stop” direct return transportation services,Help migrant workers safely return to work during off-peak hours.At the same time, in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, every special bus has gone through strict disinfection operations. In addition to equipped with medical kits, observation areas have been set up so that temporary isolation can be carried out in case of emergencies.All personnel on the bus shall strictly follow the requirements for personal protection, wear masks during the whole journey, and keep a certain safe distance to ensure a safe and comfortable return to work.”Very thoughtful, attentive and reassuring!”Tang Kaiping, a migrant worker from Yuelai Town in Guang ‘an district, and his wife, who took the bus for the third time, said the government had been thoughtful and had prepared masks, instant noodles, milk and promotional materials for employment and entrepreneurship, making them feel warm.On the morning of the same day, Linshui county also organized the 2022 “Spring Breeze Action — Point-to-point one-stop” special bus service activity. Five special buses were respectively headed to Wenzhou of Zhejiang province and Huizhou of Guangdong Province, and 256 migrant workers from Linshui will go directly to the factory gate and return to work on time.You Zhiming, a migrant worker from neighboring Water in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, had been afraid of delaying his return to his post due to the epidemic. Now, he can return to his post on time and has an extra day to rest.”In the past, I had to take a train and change buses to get back to my post, which took a long time and was troublesome, but now I have a special train, which is free and convenient.”Liu Biqiong, a migrant worker from Neighboring Water who is engaged in marketing work in a shopping mall in Shenzhen, wanted to return to her post in advance because of a shortage of staff in the shopping mall. She was very happy to take a special bus in time.”A total of 256 migrant workers from neighboring areas returned to work this time, including 208 to Guangdong and 48 to Zhejiang.We will also arrange special buses for migrant workers in Chongqing to return to their posts on February 7.”Linshui service center director Lv Xiaofeng said migrant workers, in order to ensure the security of passengers, return car strictly carry out the disease prevention and control measures, each car to pick up passengers according to regulations, and is equipped with one conductor and two deputy commander, the strict management, unified car out of the car, directly to the destination, to ensure balance, double return epidemic prevention.Not only guangan district and Linshui County, the reporter learned that each county (city, district) will return to the post of migrant workers in accordance with the desire and demand, have been opened to Chongqing, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other provinces more special bus service.