The tiger is back!Happy time on the first day of school at Yongzhou No.1 Kindergarten

2022-09-20 0 By

Today yongzhou news (reporter Peng Lixia correspondent Pan Zhaojun) “good morning, good New Year!”On the morning of February 17th, yongzhou No. 1 Kindergarten prepared a ceremony for the children, wishing them happiness, safety and happiness in the new semester.After a long winter vacation, the children warmly greet their teachers and friends, and quickly switch back to back-to-school mode, reading, playing with toys, meeting new friends, and talking about the fun things in the holiday…Under the guidance of the teacher, have classes and play games together…The children enjoyed every activity.In order to ensure the smooth opening of spring 2022 and create a clean, clean, hygienic and comfortable environment for children, all the staff of Yongzhou No. 1 Kindergarten operated in strict accordance with the standards and norms of sanitation and disinfection management before the opening of the school, and carried out meticulous sanitation and disinfection work on the environment and items of the whole garden.Teachers strictly implement the “clear, eliminate, clear, spray, clear” five steps, for each area, to do meticulous, thorough, no dead Angle.Deep cleaning and disinfection were carried out on the outdoor playground, large facilities, corridors, multi-functional hall, classrooms and other areas as well as various game materials in the park.Against the backdrop of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the city’s primary and secondary school students strictly implemented epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the relevant deployment requirements of the city, and carried out staggered school hours and off-peak hours to avoid gatherings of people.A good beginning is half the battle. The preparation before the new semester lays a solid foundation.The person in charge of Yongzhou First Kindergarten said that they will take care of each child carefully, carefully and patiently, so that they can thrive in the “cradle” of kindergarten!