There’s only one reason why someone “doesn’t contact you or block you.

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There is only one reason why a person “doesn’t contact you or block you” in this world, not all connections are intimate relationships, and not all disconnections are ignored.There are always some people, even if not contact, but also deeply care about.Even if there is no intersection, he will not pass the “good and bad” news.If one day, when you find that the person who always contact you, neither contact you, nor block you, don’t worry, don’t make a wild guess, the only reason he does not contact you is that you are not as important to him as before.Don’t delete, maybe forget, maybe out of politeness.Whatever the reason, if he doesn’t call, he’s already saying your number is just a decoration.All  one, the world no longer contact, from no words don’t say, to have nothing to say.It’s not that I don’t want to say it, but if you don’t take the initiative, I don’t have to take the initiative anymore.In this way, you do not take the initiative, I do not take the initiative, slowly, the feelings of light, the heart is far, even if you want to contact, also do not know what to say.Because everything has changed, so, just don’t contact.Even if occasionally meet, also did not have that kind of intimacy, even if the greeting is a few words, but also not itching not painful face words.It is not that they have changed, nor that their words are less, but that they do not know whether the other party has changed, and no matter how many words they have to put in their hearts.Do not delete, do not screen, do not disturb, is their last gentle.Two, a person no longer care about, a person no longer please, it is a good feeling, will be time to wear away all the water chestnut.Feelings need to build on each other to be strong, rather than a person’s efforts and cherish, indestructible, stable as a rock.Two-way affection, to a long time;Cherish each other’s love, to meet life.A person’s insistence, sooner or later tired, tired, can’t continue, put down exit, is the final outcome of this relationship.As people say, crowded into the world is no longer crowded, warm not hot heart is not warm, can not catch the people no longer chase, not their own do not insist, but their tired, chase not move.Don’t overestimate yourself, don’t underestimate others, everyone has dignity, everyone has a bottom line, no one has to be who forever.The world is changing, the heart is changing, the only constant is fixed in once that section, never go back to the past.No matter rich or poor, a match in a family is the best.Poor and poor intersection, rich and rich intersection, tiptoe to the feelings of the intersection is insecure.In the end, only to lose their dignity, but also be laughed at.In this earthly world, the only people who really care about you are your parents and family and the people who understand you.Overestimate their end, is always heartbreak.Four, do not contact, no longer disturb, is not to continue the tacit understanding.Boundless huge crowd, can meet, enough, can not continue, let go is also a kind of liberation.As long as the other side live happy, happy, did not live up to their let go of the perfect.Do not contact, do not disturb, do not entwine, in others and yourself, is a beautiful.Those who have departed should not complain, and those who have hurt you should not bear grudge.No matter how good the relationship is, keep it in your heart.Whether or not I will contact you for the rest of my life, just let it be.Everything is not deliberately, casual good.Have a clear conscience of what others say.For the rest of my life, fate comes with fate, fate goes at will.Cherish the predestined relationship, cherish the people who care about, grateful people.Be a worthy of the heart, worthy of the people, worthy of the people, is the best!