11 bottles of popular perfume to share, smell pleasing and tasteful!

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It is said that smell smell knows a person, from the fragrance bath long ago to fragrance, perfume, fragrance has a long history, smell always can affect the person’s mood, even change the feeling to a person.Now we are going to share 11 bottles of niche perfume, which one do you like?At first, there is a strong spicy note, followed by the signature sour plum scent.Top note: Rose geranium middle note: Rose grass back note: patchouli oakmoss honey in the middle note begins to taste cold, always remind you “don’t let strangers in”.Although it is a neutral sweet, but I feel more suitable for girls to spray, kind of leng Yan girl temperament.After the tone of smell began to be mild, like a prickly sweet and sour rose, gradually from the former rebellious precipitation into warm and not soft, rin and not cold woman.An immature rose scent?It’s like a little girl playing the part of a grown-up.A little floating on the surface of the powder rose taste, but the nose is still very like, because it is not sweet and greasy is not very street, but the realm is a little short.The middle and the back are very flattering, a little bit of creamy plums.This gourmet perfume has a caramelized vanilla coconut milk flavor at first smell. The vanilla flavor is strong, like being in a sweet and waxy cake shop, perfect for winter.It has a caramelized vanilla and coconut milk flavor on the first smell. The vanilla flavor is strong, like being in a sweet and waxy cake shop, perfect for winter.Top notes: Vanilla in the middle notes: Coconut and sweet beans in the back notes: Sandalwood guaiacas in the end notes, a little wood, subtly control the sweetness of the top notes, this perfume is recommended for young women, or naive and romantic women ~ it is easy to create a sweet and warm happiness.It’s a sweet and delicious perfume that people want to get close to. It’s like a cake from a high-end bakery. I’m in love with it.It helps when you’re feeling down.If you often miss the salty, wet smell of the beach, this perfume will bring you back to life. Wang, who wears this bottle of perfume, likes to wear scents with fresh tones, such as The California Summer by Orlong.This bottle of sea salt is an aquatic perfume, which is surprisingly non-dizzy.Top note: Lemon Green Leaf Middle note: Salt sea kelp Wood moss Back Note: musk cedar leather the first second you smell this fragrance is pulled to the summer beach, as if you are stepping on warm sand, the water lapping rocks, look up to see seagulls hovering.Unlike some popular ocean fragrances with floral and coconut milk, it’s best known for its realistic and controlled sense of moisture and saltiness, preferring the quiet, uncultivated coast.The bergamot in the front amplifies the freshness of the sea breeze, and the cedar throughout the whole journey makes the coast more expansive, so it won’t have a wet and sticky smell on the upper part of the body. Dizzy aquatic people can also try it boldly.The brand Iris Alexandre J is from Dubai. The bottle design is very gorgeous, and the local temperament is very strong. This fragrance is a woody fragrance, which feels very bright and sweet at first smell, and is very suitable for spring and summer spraying.Before the adjustment: fruit apple adjustment: bergamot rose jasmine Irises after adjustment: the Kashmir cedar wood musk, vanilla patchouli balsam balm rest flower fragrance, and in the fine smell also can smell fruity, say fruit is one of the rare fragrant air irises, this perfume smell wonderful, very suitable for young and lively female spray, very energetic.When I first smelled it, I couldn’t help but sigh that it was dubai, very exotic!Iris and fruit flavor is very good, the feeling is very suitable for summer use yeah Diptyque hose in the shadow of this bottle of perfume grapefruit for perfume has special accurate orientation, that is a word “green”, she is keen on ingredient list with the perfume of bergamot, it smells just like the wind xu, very accord with the temperament of her literary ~ shadow in the water the sweet though mark is sweet,But our makeup department agreed that boys can also spray ~ there is a cool temperament, like in a crowd of gorgeous makeup alone, very unforgettable.Top: Cassis Leaf Middle: Bergamot Rose Back: Ambergris muskblack Currant Leaf This scent has a very, very green, herbaceous smell at first, like leaves with crushed roots, perfect for summer.A very deep and charming green leaf rose, just like walking into a small forest, before my eyes, there is a small wooden house, moss is covered in front of the table, and a few roses are planted outside. First you smell the moist moss, then the roses are faintly visible, which has a strong sense of mystery.Amber square glass bottle body is really completely long in the aesthetic point, and when opened smell, completely captured!Orange blossom wood fragrance, very advanced taste, spray with advanced sense filter!Top note: bergamot and black currant medium note: Orange blossom FIG leaf back note: Fragrant bean and olive tree back note: slightly sweet, it smells warm and very suitable for winter, like the winter noon sun gently down, free stretch feeling, very good smell.The whole bottle is orange blossom wood tone, very fresh, with a sweet and delicate feeling, but not too much, like walking in a forest full of flowers, full of green, flowers around.This style can blend well with the body when you wear it on your body. It has the visual sense of body fragrance and is full of advanced sense when you walk through it.As you can see from this bottle of perfume, Xiao Ice really loves to spray it, because it’s down to the last drop!It is a bottle of ocean tone perfume, the initial smell of lemon and bitter orange fresh, mixed with a calm atmosphere of the sea, free and low-key, let people think of.Top: bitter orange, Italian lemon, Middle: Indonesian pepper, bottom: Amber oak, moss, cedar, wood, vetiver.Winter spray it is not a flavor, a cold wind blowing in winter, the coat floating let a person at ease and free breath, give a person a kind of impulse to see the sea in winter!A bottle of incense with a high level of appearance.Different from other fragrant floral notes, it gives a person a fresh, just not sweet and greasy, spray more will not be uncomfortable, but a sense of its own body fragrance jio.Jasmine This fragrance is from Yary, a perfume brand owned by Estee Lauder, and features floral notes.Indian jasmine, Egyptian jasmine, tuberose ambergris smells strong jasmine, mixed with tuberose and gardenia, at the end of the three fragrance blend into a warm jade, very gentle and elegant temperament.Very straightforward Jasmine, but not greasy, compared with the smell of flowers before, it is more delicate and multi-level ~ girls will feel an elegant, atmospheric gentle girl, if dizzy white flowers do not try oh!Dior miss flower overflow sweetheart only see packaging to know is a bottle of girl sweet, the first smell is sweet fruit, let a person find the scenery pleasing to the eye, as if the girl unique naive romance, like the high big young lady that has been loved to care for the taste.Top: Sicilian citrus orange Neroli Oil Medium: Pure rose peonies Base: patchouli white musk peony and Damascus rose aromas combined, very floral, not too flirty, not too childish, everything just right.Just out of the feeling like walking into a lush forest, everywhere is green.Soon there are light floral and berry notes, sweet and sour, and finally warm woody notes and powdered milk.Is the kind of girl fragrance that can’t go wrong, with a bit of proper feminine flavor, but also very warm, is the kind of smell is very expensive. This fragrance can be regarded as the classic hot commercial fragrance that gets better and better. At first smell, it may feel very different from the usual perfume, but as long as you wait patiently,The fragrance of flowers and fruits and aquatic tones blend just right, there is a kind of refreshing in the summer to take a bath, out of the bathroom was soft wind blowing a pleasant feeling.Top note: Orange, lime, orange, Neroli oil, medium note: Cyperen, nutmeg, rhinocetus, violet, freesia, sea water note: amber, patchouli, oak moss, cedar, which is not easily dizzy.Lemons, all kinds of citrus at the beginning of the freshness of the handfuls of full, a few minutes later into the middle tone, jasmine, rose, freesia…It’s a very dense mix of flowers, and it’s amazing that it doesn’t smell sweet or feminine at all. I’d like to call it salt.The muskiness at the end is not intense, but the cedar and amber wraps around the aroma to make it calm and quiet.Generally it smells very clean and very approachable.This perfume is said to be a scent amplifier for thousands of people. It’s fun to have a different smell for each person.Tone: woody floral bouquet: ambergris ether Tags: super dragon salivary ether amber musk Combination of one thousand people’s eyes have one thousand Mona Lisa, everyone different aesthetic, to smell identification is different, so there must be some different opinions, advice try to start again, if you have any other good to smell the perfume of addiction, come and see which one do you like?