20 years old woman suffering from lupus erythematosus, her husband’s family to carry on the family line to stop its medicine, who knows let her condition aggravation

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Click of the two families a 20-something woman (He Na), she is in the best age of life, suffering from lupus erythematosus (sle), if this disease is not continuous treatment, so it will be He Na’s life at any time, more than 20 years old flower-like age, He Na unexpectedly has suffered from the disease, she was born, in addition to want what dare not crave,Also dare not fantasy childhood idol novels inside the scene.He Na village there was a young man (enron river), he is a congenital “deaf”, because of this, enron river was not willing to communication and not to mention let him go out play with other people, since he is like to be alone, when I grow up because of the natural disease and the cause of his own withdrawn, so no one is willing to marry into their belongings daughter-in-law.One day, An Longhe’s father (An Zhiqiang) was walking outside when he heard someone say, “There is a little girl in the next village who has lupus erythematosus at the age of 20. She can’t stop taking the medicine, because it makes her family’s life worse and worse. The girl is not married yet, who would want to marry a medicine jar to go home?”AnZhiQiang at that time did not take it seriously, go home after he saw enron river, heart suddenly had an idea, “my son did not marry now, also cannot find any good girl, the family of the girl although cannot stop drug, but my house is not for her, or let people help under close to her home, one thousand it became a son daughter-in-law, my home can also have the posterity.”Images derived from the network tort link delete all say love freedom, freedom of marriage, but AnZhiQiang didn’t want to put the matter to discuss with enron river, he knows his own son, but since the childhood is very weak, there is no definite view, listen to everything he and his wife, and the following day the AnZhiQiang came to find the matchmaker, with the matchmaker illustrates the reason, hope the matchmaker what they go to the house.The matchmaker immediately agreed to An zhiqiang’s request, because if she told the truth, she could get a lot of benefits from it. Moreover, in the eyes of the matchmaker, she also thought that the two young people were suitable for each other, because they were both sick and one could not get married.Pictures from home, remove the matchmaker to our link network infringement He Na father (He Shouhai) confused, when his daughter is sick and medical expenses are very expensive, fangyuan thyme know, who is not abandon these, also like to come home to propose, originally the matchmaker just put a good word that she finally say enron river deaf.Even so he Shouhai is not assured, he asked and Ann family to see one side, personally told them about he Na, in the matchmaker’s arrangement under the two families met smoothly, when He Shouhai said, “my daughter has erythema Wolf disease, light treatment will be four or five hundred yuan a month, the treatment can not be interrupted, can you accept it?”Pictures from the network tort link delete AnZhiQiang don’t mind, he is sick because He Na unmarriageable, to any family’s hand, he is willing to wait for He Na marry into their arrival, all medical expenses shall be borne by the home, now this is what family so much not relieved, and they don’t have to bother why her medical expenses,In this way the two families hit it off, they set their mind to marry he Na in the past.Pictures from the network tort link delete “daughter-in-law”, after all, is not “daughter” due to the illness He Na and enron river, two people to go out to work properly, they can’t always let parents with enron river, so AnZhiQiang in order to let the son daughter-in-law, can have a life in the future of the principal, and took out his savings of fifty thousand yuan, in the village opened a “grocery stories”.Pictures from the network tort link to delete the grocery stories has always been run by He Na husband and wife two people, enron river parents never stepped in to one of the things, enron river also because since the childhood autism, take up the whole shop business, so the grocery stories is mainly He Na a man sat in the tube, it suddenly ran for several months,Can be Ann family did not see a little return of money, they began to suspect he na in which to steal money, do not give them.Images derived from the network tort daughter-in-law contact deleted after all is not a daughter, husband’s family will, of course, don’t like haven’t been to the one with the money He Na, over time he suspected He Na grocery stories, all take back to subsidies home, actually the truth is not the case, grocery stories just started business, business nature is not so good, in a few months before the launch has been losing money,Do not mention the principal, every month even take money replenish stock, can be an family does not believe these, they are identified he Na in which mischief.Images derived from the network tort link delete enron river, listen to their parents at an early age, natural followed with doubt He Na, cause He Na life difficult for at home, don’t like at the beginning to any house that kind of shape, then home people will also grocery stories right back, don’t let He Na grocery grocery stories, thus let He Na and in-laws to tear the face,Fortunately, however, the Ann family is still very committed to the promise, still bear the medical expenses of he Na every month.Image comes from network infringement contact delete is to want daughter-in-law to live, still want to carry on the family line?He Na and in-laws war a few months, she is pregnant with their offspring, and therefore their in-laws to change before the sharp appearance, will occur before the aside all the unpleasant on the brain, as if nothing has happened before, every day carefully take care of the He Na make their homes and their descendants, afraid of a little mistake.Pictures from the network tort contact deleted in 12 weeks to go to the hospital to check, the doctor suggested He Na fetuses will flow away, because He Na drug treatment of each and every month will have a certain influence on the growth of fetus, and He Na illness can’t stop, once the withdrawal consequences, then He Na tore myself for abortion in a hospital.Images derived from the network tort link delete it deeper allowing her relocation to He Na, treat He Na even worse than it was before war, they also went to the back what blame “why then do not say to treat this disease have an effect on children, if know that our home is not going to marry you home daughter of”, but home to marry marry, He Na marry into their arrival,Ann also spent a lot of money for her, which they are not willing to directly put he Na home.Pictures from the network tort link delete their people want to want to go, finally decided to stop He Na life-saving medicine, no longer for her treatment, because they think “the doctor said to take medicine will have an impact on the fetus, that don’t take medicine, there is no impact?”, but they didn’t care, He Na a withdrawal may at any time as long as there is life dangerous thing.Images derived from network tort link delete PoJiaRen not let He Na after treatment, He Na body is worse from day to day, and even the weak must lie on the bed every day, need to have three square meals a day she feed enron river, this situation is original should be sent to the hospital in time, recovery before treatment, but is family has not done so,It’s still like the devil’s eyes are blocked.There is only one idea in their heart, that is, “let he Na for Ann family family”, he Na for them is like a birth machine, as long as he Na is still alive one day, that she must be Ann family family family, because Ann family swallow down for he Na spent so much money.Pictures from the network tort link delete He Na want that, but she didn’t ability to survive, during that time He Na supplicated home people “give me some money, I want to go home to my parents for my treatment”, a home person rebuffed He Na request, then He Na really penniless, name call to work, should not every day, no one can feel He Na heart at that time,How desperate it is.Pictures from the network tort link delete later He Na body is not to live, hope in her life didn’t come back, home talent will He Na sent to the hospital, or hospital inform He Na family, told they He Na, He Na was sent to hospital at that time, not just the lupus erythematosus so simple things,She also suffered from “anemia” and “uremia” because her in-laws broke off medicine, but also are severe hair disease, he Na’s eyelids are purple at that time.”Regret” from the hospital can cure the disease, but they also have no a way to He Na cure, and health care costs for treating the disease up to thousands of yuan a month, a home person a listen to this just know He Na can no longer for their house to breed, why they don’t want to spend a penny, so let the enron river gave He Na a divorce agreement,But he does not agree with this, after all, is home harm he Na become now.Two families for it on the court, the court rejected the enron river and He Na divorce request, any family lawsuits won He Na also dying, there is only one wishes her goodbye enron river side, where the family in order to meet the wishes of He Na, no longer care about before, driving down enron went to the hospital to visit He Na river to go home,Anlong river knew that he wanted to go to the hospital, but his parents were too tough, he listened to his parents, so he still did not go to the hospital.Enron He Na river has been in the hospital did not wait for the arrival of the enron river, finally with a heart of regret, she left this world, He Na before leaving said a words “although people will leave, but I don’t want to leave now, I still have a lot of things to do, a lot of kindness didn’t also, I don’t want to so hastily left,If I can, I want a healthy body and a happy family in my next life.”He Na from He Na discourse can see, she is not content to leave like that, but she also have no ability and the struggle against god, had to give in to fate, if her PoJiaRen not so selfish, He Na actually can still complete her desire, but her husband’s family is very selfish, to pass does not her anyway.If there is really a next life, I hope he Na don’t live so hard, as she said have a healthy body, have a happy family, don’t be as a fertility machine, because the family things were difficult.