A major adjustment, for all drivers

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Scoring rules, major changes!All the xiang G…Zhangjiajie drivers please note from April 1, full implementation!A score will be adjusted to 12 points, 9 points, 6 points, 3 points, 1 point part of traffic violations, no longer deducted points!In addition, some points for private cars are added, with the key points as follows: The points for the following traffic offences are reduced.Fleeing after a traffic accident causing minor injury or property damage,(6) does not yet constitute a crime……Driving a motor vehicle without hanging a motor vehicle plate or deliberately blocking or defacing a motor vehicle plate on road (9 points)Driving a motor vehicle that is not equipped with a motor vehicle number plate as required on the road (3 points)Driving safety and technical inspection regularly not according to stipulations of highway passenger car, tourist passenger vehicles, dangerous goods transport vehicle on road (3 points)……8. Driving a motor vehicle other than a highway passenger bus, tourist passenger bus or transport vehicle for dangerous goods on the road without regular safety and technical inspection as required (1 point) will not be deducted for traffic violations below 1.Driving a motor vehicle in violation of regulations on expressways under low visibility meteorological conditions;2. Obtaining a new motor vehicle driving license by concealing or cheating;3. Driving motor vehicles prohibited from entering expressways;4. Failing to drive or stop a motor vehicle in accordance with regulations at an intersection;5. The motor vehicle running on road does not place inspection mark or insurance mark, and does not carry driving license or motor vehicle driving license with the vehicle.6. The passenger car exceeds the speed limit of 20% on expressways, city expressways and ordinary roads.In addition, for traffic violation of minor circumstances, give warning punishment, exemption from scoring.The points deducted for the following traffic offences will be increased: 1. When driving a motor vehicle in front of a motor vehicle when it stops in a queue or drives slowly, it overtakes another vehicle or occupies the opposite lane or cuts into waiting vehicles (2 points will be increased to 3 points).2. Driving a motor vehicle with making or receiving a hand-held phone or other behavior that hinders safe driving (2 points increased to 3 points).New part of the latest penalty clause: instead of the actual motor vehicle drivers to accept traffic violation penalties and scoring for economic gain (12 points) new: drive a motor vehicle on the highway or illegal parking (9) of the urban rapid road new: drive a motor vehicle on the highway, the urban rapid road astern, retrograde, through the median turn (12 points) :Driving a motor vehicle without overtaking or giving way according to regulations, or driving the wrong way on roads other than expressways or city expressways (3 points) New: driving a motorcycle without wearing a safety helmet (1 point) New: driving a motor vehicle without wearing a safety belt according to regulations when driving on the road (1 point) New:Driving a motor vehicle not according to the provisions of the car, or in the highway, urban express road not according to the provisions of the road reversing, u-turn (1 point), “Road traffic safety violations of the score management measures” will be implemented from April 1!Penalty rule summary below please forward remind share owners find diffusion sources told more people know | mango city, the Ministry of Public Security traffic management bureau, Xinhua News Agency 丨 luo segong duty director 丨 xu-dong Yang final 丨 ZhuoZhiHua product 丨 handheld zhangjiajie this platform to the zhangjiajie daily.Any unit or individual who uses, republishes or disseminates the media copyright contents of Zhangjiajie Daily must obtain written authorization in advance.In addition to the scope of legal fair use, without permission, shall not be reproduced, dissemination of copyrighted works (works form is not limited to words).