Baymax meets two sets of twin brothers

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Reporter Xu Ruijie, correspondent Wang Chen, Gao Chenchen “You are twins too!”A pair of Baymax twins meet two sets of twins on the same day.In Shanghai New International Expo Center centralized isolation point, wuhan children’s Hospital medical team’s twin sisters, met two pairs of twin boys, but also quickly became good friends.”Big white aunt, you will come to me again tomorrow!”The children were reluctant to part when they parted yesterday.Wuhan Children’s Hospital after 90 twin nurse sisters – Song Lichan and Song Lijuan, in the hospital issued a call to help Shanghai, the first time to sign up.”We all have experience in frontline anti-epidemic work in Wuhan.”Their mother, who is also a retired nurse at the hospital, is supportive of both daughters going to the front line.When taking care of the children in the “Baby cabin”, the sisters are cheerful and love to talk and laugh.Soon, the children fell in love with the pretty sisters.On their patrol, the two sisters saw two little boys who looked like “copy-paste”, accompanied by their father. They said hello and asked, “Little friends, are you twins?”A little boy is very lively, busy nodded and said: “Yes, aunt you see?”The other was shy and hid behind his father.Song Lijuan asked: “you who is elder brother, who is younger brother?”The lively one answered at once, “I am the elder brother, and we are four years old!””Auntie,” the kid asked curiously, “you look exactly the same. Are you twins?”Song Li Juan tease them: “that you two guess, we who is sister, who is sister?”The little fellow thought hard, and those around him laughed.”Thank you for coming to Shanghai to help. It’s really fate to meet here. Let’s take a photo to commemorate it!”Dad suggested.Next in the input information, Song Lichan found that there are two little boys name is very similar, so asked with baby grandmother, sure enough this is a pair of 10-year-old twins, in the fourth grade of primary school, is obediently writing homework.Grandma asked them, “Where are you from, little girls?”Knowing that the two sisters were from Wuhan, she sighed: “You have been wearing the isolation clothes for hours without eating, drinking or going to the toilet. It’s really hard!”Song Lichan replied, “This is what we should do.I also worked in a makeshift hospital during the wuhan epidemic. The Shanghai medical team helped us a lot. Now it’s time for us to repay our kindness.””Thank you, good children, thank you!The old man gave thanks.”Children and parents at the quarantine point are inevitably under pressure.”Talking to the children and parents during the visits can help them feel better, which can help them fight the disease.”The lively laughter of the twin sisters dispelled the clouds of sadness.”Aunt Baymax, you’re coming back tomorrow!”The children were still attached to them when the shift changed.