Check here!Fengxian county gave birth to eight children of yunnan Fugong parents parents have died

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Authorities in Xuzhou, capital of Southwest China’s Yunnan Province, on Monday night announced the latest development of the investigation into the woman who gave birth to eight children in Fengxian county. Authorities have identified the woman as Xiaohuamei, a baby born in Yagu Village, Fugong County, Yunnan Province.1996 xiaohua mei was taken to Jiangsu province by the same village woman sang so-and-so lost after seeing a doctor, it is reported that currently involved in sang so-and-so has been found by the police.According to mulberry so-and-so recalls in those days oneself is to receive small flower plum mother’s envying, hope to bring small flower plum to jiangsu to see a doctor and look for a good family for its, it is reported that the parents of small flower plum have died at present.It is understood that the police to determine the identity of Yang mou Xia also did a lot of work, and finally the police in search of Dong Mou Min and Yang Mou Xia marriage registration records found an important clue, because the marriage registration materials at that time clearly recorded: “Fugong County, Yunnan Province yagu village”.Then the police immediately sent a commissioner to Yunnan inspection, and finally the police through access to the census register, and the organization of the village cadres and villagers of Yagu village compared to the photos, accent, determine Yang Xia is the original village villagers Xiaomei.According to yagu villagers and xiaohuamei’s relatives, xiaohuamei married a man in Baoshan, Yunnan province in 1994, but she divorced two years later and returned to Yagu village in 1996.According to the villagers recalled the little flower after divorce has appeared after the abnormal behavior of speech, then the same village sang so-and so with little flower from Kunming city in Yunnan province by train to Donghai County in Jiangsu Province after the little flower lost.It is reported that xiaomei lost, mulberry so-and-so did not call the police, also did not tell xiaomei family.In addition to Yang’s identity, police also conducted DNA tests on Dong and Yang’s eight children, which confirmed that Dong and Yang are the biological parents of the eight children.In addition, the discipline inspection and supervision authorities of Xuzhou city are also investigating those involved in the incident who are suspected of negligence and dereliction of duty. Further investigation results of the incident will be released to the public in a timely manner once they are found out.Here to remind you that the network is not illegal, hot events must not spread rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors.For more exciting content, come to qilu View social channel