MAO County to do a good job spring farming supplies reserve work

2022-09-21 0 By

In order to ensure the supply of agricultural materials for spring farming, MAO County supply and Marketing Cooperatives give full play to the role of supply and marketing cooperatives as the main channel of agricultural supplies, early arrangements, reserve supplies, quality services, to ensure the reserve and supply of agricultural materials for spring farming.Agricultural reserves are in place early.Set up 16 agricultural materials sales outlets in 11 towns such as Dixi, Chibusu, Wadi, Shaba, Nanxin and Tumen in Maoxian County.Up to now, more than 10 million yuan has been raised and 3,680 tons of various fertilizers have been reserved (including:Compound fertilizer 1800 tons, biological organic fungus fertilizer 960 tons, phosphate fertilizer 300 tons, 520 tons of organic fertilizer, potassium fertilizer 100 tons), 20 tons of film, corn, vegetable seeds 1200 kilograms, 15 tons of medicine, more than 10,000 sets of agricultural machinery and tools, can basically meet the county’s spring farming production needs.Strict control of agricultural supplies.Agricultural commodities purchased must have complete “three certificates” (production registration certificate, production license and quality certificate), prevent fake and shoddy agricultural commodities from entering the market through the channels of supply and marketing cooperatives, strictly implement the regulations on the operation and management of prohibited and limited pesticide use, and ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products.We will not slack off in supervision and inspection.Organize and carry out quality and quantity inspection of agricultural materials regularly and irregularly, actively cooperate with relevant departments to carry out anti-counterfeiting activities of agricultural materials, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of the phenomenon of harming farmers.