C6 driver’s license born!What kind of car can you drive?Is it difficult to learn?

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What are the types of class C driving licenses?Everyone should be familiar with C1 (small car driving license), C2 (small automatic car driving license), C3 (low speed truck driving license), C4 (three-wheel car driving license) and C5 (disabled small automatic passenger car driving license) these five types.But from April 1, 2022, the newly revised “Motor Vehicle driving License application and use regulations” officially implemented, we will be familiar with the sixth TYPE OF C driving license C6 officially online.* What can I drive with my C6 license?C6 license to drive light tractor-trailer.What is a light traction trailer?The new version of “Motor Vehicle driving License application and Use regulations” in the definition of light traction trailer is less than 4.5 tons of total mass of the car train, so the trailer owners should not only consider their own trailer weight, but also pay attention to the weight of their front car.* Can C6 driver’s license be tested?In the past, the age limit for C1 and C2 driver’s licenses was between 18 and 70 years old. Later, considering some factors, the maximum age limit was removed.However, due to the fact that towing is different from ordinary cars, the age limit for drivers is set to be between 20 and 60 for safety reasons.However, people over 60 and under 70 who really need to drive light tractor-trailers can also apply for a C6 driving license after passing memory, judgment and reaction tests.Note: if you are over 70 years old, your C6 driver’s license will be invalid accordingly. You need to apply for a change to C1 and C2 driver’s license. You can no longer drive a tractor trailer.* HOW to apply for a C6 driver’s license?Not everyone who meets the age limit can apply for a C6 driver’s license.Method 1: If you have already held an A2 driving license and have cancelled your A2 driving license because you are over 60 years old or have been demoted voluntarily, you can directly apply for C6 quasi-driving license from the DMV without taking an exam.Method 2: Applicants who have obtained C1 or C2 or above driving license and have not recorded 12 points in this scoring period or the latest scoring period prior to the application can apply for C6 driving license through the driving test.Therefore, before applying for a new C6 driver’s license, make sure that you have not recently received 12 demerit points.* C6 What is on the driving test?Increase driving C6 driver’s license need to take subject 2, subject 3 two tests.The third subject is the general knowledge of safe and civilized driving (Theory) test, and the second subject is the road test.There are three items in subject two, namely pile test, curve driving and right Angle turning.For drivers who have mastered basic driving skills, curve driving and right Angle turning are not difficult, and the main difficulties are focused on pile test items.In the pile test, students need to reverse the vehicle into the garage from the left and right directions.The reversing mode of the tractor is different from that of the conventional single vehicle. In the initial stage of reversing, it is necessary to reverse the direction. After the Angle change of the traction trailer, the traction vehicle will turn the steering wheel in the other direction again, and gradually fine-tune the overall track of the car train.At present, driving schools have set up C6 training courses, depending on the training time, the price varies from 6800 yuan to 9000 yuan, the fastest through 5 consecutive days of training can participate in the test.Of course, the price of each area and driving school is different, specific price needs to ask yourself.In addition, some drivers worry that if they lose 12 points during the internship period, they will not only fail to increase their driving capacity, but also lose their license.Don’t worry.C6 driver’s license does not set up an “internship”, driving C6 after a scoring cycle, even if the driver’s license is deducted 12 points will not affect the original driver’s license, still have to take the learning test.* Would you consider adding a C6?After April 1, the regulations governing the driving of light tractor-trailers will be officially implemented. If you want to be on the road legally, you must increase your C6 license.If you have the need to drive a truck or trailer, driving a C6 is necessary and necessary.Disclaimer: 1. If part of the text and pictures come from the Internet.2, due to the editing needs, there is no necessary connection between the text and the picture, only for readers’ reference.3, some paragraphs, images, audio, video data such as file copyright belongs to the copyright owners, because can’t contact and copyright, such as the author or editor that work should not be access to the Internet for everyone to browse, or should not be used free of charge, please inform us in time, in order to quickly take appropriate measures to avoid unnecessary economic losses to both sides.4. 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