Cervical cancer screening report shows grade CIN1, what is the situation?Do you want treatment or not?The answer is simple

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Some time ago, I received a consultation from a netizen. She said that when she underwent a cervical examination recently, she found that her report form was written with CIN1 grade. After learning about it online, she found out that it was actually a precancerous lesion.She felt she was still very young, worried about cervical cancer, quickly to consult this kind of problem should not be treated?In fact, there are many women in common doubt, he found CIN1 class, is it cancer?Is CIN1 class cancer after all?First, the reassuring answer is that CIN1 is not cancer.In women with uterus TCT cytology, may get different test results, including CIN1 level is the lightest a state of disease, patients are often only a mild atypical hyperplasia, the scope of this lesion were mostly involved in the cortex under 1/3, is not infringing the basement membrane, induce the risk of cervical cancer is very small.CIN2 and CIN3 are also two similar tests.Data show that less than 30% of grade 1 CIN1 patients will develop grade 2 CIN2, which is progressive disease with moderate cervical dysplasia.As the disease progresses, only 5% of patients are likely to develop cervical cancer after grade CIN3.So, when you find that your TCT results show grade CIN1, don’t worry too much.In medicine, it is found that a large number of CIN1 grade can disappear naturally without additional treatment.But when you have the following situations, find that the treatment method of CIN1 level can be different, look carefully.Examination results show that CIN1 grade, but other examinations are normal, the age of less than 25 years old, often do not need treatment, patients can choose to regularly return visit, observation of lesions can be.During this period, the human body’s immunity is still relatively strong, and the risk of further transformation is relatively low. As long as you take care of it, it will not induce more serious lesions.CIN1 grade combined with TCT examination showed low-grade lesions, combined with abnormal bleeding, cervical erosion and other problems, which may indicate that the body is not in good health.In line with this situation, patients can improve their condition and stabilize their condition through physical therapy such as laser after the appearance of symptoms, and then regular review is recommended after treatment.Although grade CIN1 has been detected and low grade lesions have also been examined by TCT cells, but there are no symptoms of physical abnormalities, they can choose not to receive treatment measures temporarily.After all, in the case of grade CIN1, more serious cervical lesions will rarely occur. Patients will be cured with regular follow-up and observation, and most of them can recover naturally.However, if the patient is continuously reviewed and has been diagnosed with CIN1 grade results for more than 2 years, it is recommended that everyone receive treatment in time.The main concern is whether the long-term presence of such results will affect the patient’s health.But if you’re worried about side effects, you can opt for regular check-ups.After all, when undergoing surgery, such as LEEP knife and other treatment, it may also cause certain damage to the cervix of women because of surgery, which may destroy the function of the cervix. It is still necessary to carefully consider whether pregnant women and unmarried and non-pregnant women should accept such treatment.Generally speaking, when CIN1 is detected, if there are no symptoms, complications and other problems, they can not receive treatment temporarily after the first detection.But be sure to have regular check-ups.However, if there have been further lesions, such as grade CIN2 or 3, or symptoms, it is recommended to choose whether to accept physical therapy after careful consideration, which can better stabilize the condition and avoid the deterioration of the disease.Finally, how should check up after saying with everybody CIN1 class?For women under the age of 25 and over the age of 21, it is recommended to start cervical cancer screening after having sex, including TCT and HPV screening.If the detection of CIN1 needs to be reviewed, it is recommended to check TCT examination every 6-12 months, can be combined with HPV examination, the effect will be more comprehensive.This is also how often patients who receive treatment after finding grade CIN1 should be reviewed.After the disease is relatively stable, TCT examination and colposcopy can be reviewed every 6 months. If there is no abnormality after 1 year of follow-up, normal screening can be resumed.Women up to age 30 can get TCT and HPV tests every five years to better understand a woman’s health during periods of high risk.If nothing out of the ordinary is found until the age of 65, there is no further examination.It is normal for women to care about their health, but after the examination found that the cervical CIN1 lesions do not need to be too nervous, which is not cancer. With reasonable treatment methods, it rarely induces cancer, and it is not easy to affect health.2, cervical TCT report is very important, but you don’t understand it?Don’t worry!Free HPV vaccination in Many places, experts: Hope to Eliminate Cervical cancer by 2050 · Health Times ·2021-10-28