“King of Fighters 15” today on sale 39 character fantasy duel

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The company SNK announced thatNew play fighting games “THE KING OF FIGHTERS 15” (THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV) today (February 17, 2022) in THE PlayStation ® may/PlayStation ® 4 / Xbox Series 10 X | S/Windows/Steam/EpicThe Games Store is now available.The king of fighters 15 product introduction film all 15 special video https://v.qq.com/x/page/e3322mjssip.html https://v.qq.com/x/page/w3271g56iq2.html content breakthrough new “15”!Released in 1994, THE KING OF FIGHTERS series has attracted THE world with its charming characters and unique game system.Six years after the previous game, the game screen, game system, online features, breakthrough “King of Boxing 15” completed!A total of 39 gladiators took part!Twelve more DLC characters are coming soon!A total of 39 playable characters participate in the battle, including popular characters from past dynasties, eagerly awaited resurrected characters, and those who master the key of the story.Twelve more DLC characters are coming soon.For the first time, four boxers will play together, and the hottest dream fight in history will begin.A total of 12 DLC characters will be available in 2022!The number of playable characters will reach 51!The first Team will be Team 1, “Hungry Wolf Mark Team (3)” in March, followed by Team 2, “Nanzhen Team (3)” in May. Team 3 and Team 4 will be released this summer and fall.Add in the 39 characters who participated in the game, and that brings the number of playable characters to 51!The king of fighters 15 DLC role public video https://v.qq.com/x/page/f3322xd04lt.html story plot will have an orgasm before model depicts the “the king of fighters 14” open new drama “the king of fighters” subsequent chapters.The sudden opening of the martial arts competition “King of Boxing” as the stage, from the king of Boxing series “Big snake,” “Yin Chao,” “Aso” the protagonist of the show!The plot is coming to a climax!The full-form game system, which is based on the series battle system, inherits the series traditional “three-on-three team battle” and is equipped with the new system “Smash Strike” and the evolved “Extreme mode” and “Extreme Mode (fast).”Even press the button can use a variety of successive skills “combos” play, make the fight more exciting killing skills will not be absent.Complete form of battle system brings unprecedented sense of speed and refreshing feeling!Online smooth and colorful online games use rollback network code.”Level war”, “leisure war”, “room war”, “online practice” and other colorful fighting functions for you to choose.There is also a new way to fight with opponents for playable characters.The rich content of “Emperor of Boxing” can be viewed in the “Guide” mode of “Emperor of Boxing 15” video and character voice.The new “Record station” will allow users to listen to more than 300 popular SNK games centered on the “King of Fighters” series.Players can choose their favorite music as the background music of the battle!THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV10 X | S/Windows/Steam/Epic Store (digital version) S play 1 ~ 2 persons (online mode 2 ~ 8 people) S other available in PlayStation ® 5 with the PlayStation 4 ® support generational play in the Steam version and Epic※ You can upgrade your PlayStation®4 (physical) game to PlayStation®5 with a PlayStation®5 CD drive.