Linxia city: spring harmonious construction busy flower port construction in full swing

2022-09-22 0 By

On March 15th, the reporter came to the construction site of The First phase of The Bighienong International Acorn Project in Linxia City. A neat row of steel frame shed came to sight. Construction vehicles shuttled back and forth under the frame, and workers were busy installing skylight glass.Exams million farmers international flower port project for linxia city glamour huadu, important industrial support for the construction of city park, the project total investment 640 million yuan, the newly built 180000 square meters high intelligent greenhouse, using the Internet way to optimize and integrate the flower industry chain, a high starting point plan, high-standard construction, high level management, build in line with international standards, first-class production base of flowers.According to the person in charge of the construction unit, the main body of the project at this stage in 3 intelligent greenhouse shed site leveling, rainwater pipeline buried and other basic construction has been completed.No. 1 greenhouse is in the shed retaining wall concrete pouring work;The steel frame structure of No. 2 greenhouse has been built, and the greenhouse glass installation and other works are being carried out. The greenhouse will be completed and delivered in April.Greenhouse No. 3 is currently building a retaining wall for a car ramp and is expected to be completed in July and begin planting.When the project is fully completed and put into operation, it is expected to produce about 60 million fresh cut flowers a year, with an annual output value of about 180 million yuan, provide more than 500 jobs, drive more than 300 farmers in the surrounding area to become industrial workers, effectively promote regional economic and industrial development and boost rural revitalization.Source: Daily Nation