Provincial department of Education director on-site interpretation!It’s about the “new Gaokao”

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How do I get there?In 2021, Anhui province launched the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination. Under the new background of college entrance examination, how to implement the “course selection and class selection system” has attracted much attention.How to choose a class to go, what changes will the school have?Zhao Zhenhua, head of the provincial Department of Education, read the press conference held by the information Office of the provincial government on February 10.”The comprehensive reform of college entrance examination in our province has been officially launched in September 2021, and ordinary college entrance examination adopts the ‘3+1+2′ mode.Under the new college entrance examination model, students’ daily management is in fixed administrative classes, while students can choose their own learning subjects according to their own development needs and interests, and go to different classes.”Zhao Zhenhua introduced that the class selection system, broke the traditional administrative class, instead of the administrative class and teaching class, the ordinary high school conditions, teachers, teaching management, etc., have put forward higher requirements.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination, our province has formulated a series of supporting measures to guide schools around the country to further improve the work under the background of the new college entrance examination.”First, we need to improve school conditions.In 2021 alone, a total of 9.48 billion yuan will be invested in the construction, renovation and expansion of 126 schools, with 61,000 new degrees added, to solve the problem of large classes.”Zhao Zhenhua introduced, according to the curriculum implementation needs, Anhui revised and improved ordinary high school teaching facilities and equipment, books and materials and other educational technology and equipment standards, guide all schools to complete the special classrooms and venues, equipped with science and chemical new equipment to improve the teaching environment, for the selection of classes to provide hardware conditions guarantee.”Course selection and class walking” also put forward higher requirements for teachers.Anhui has supplemented the teaching staff, further improved the recruitment system for primary and secondary school teachers, implemented the main responsibility for the recruitment of primary and secondary school teachers in cities and counties, carried out dynamic adjustment of the staffing of primary and secondary schools, and optimized the allocation of staffing resources.”The province will recruit 5,016 regular high school teachers in 2021.”Zhao Zhenhua introduced that the provincial department of Education also issued the “guidance on strengthening the teaching management of ordinary high schools” to guide schools to establish a course selection system, according to the school characteristics and advantages to develop specific teaching programs and course selection and class guidance, orderly promotion of course selection and class selection.”The next step, in accordance with the unified deployment of the state, our province will formulate and implement the ’14th Five-year’ county ordinary high school development and promotion action plan, and actively develop the provincial ordinary high school academic level examination selective examination subject selection guide, to further strengthen the scientific guidance for high school students to choose subjects.”Press conference scene (Xu Mengyu photo) Anhui online and offline discipline training institutions transformation or cancellation 4771 meeting, the provincial Department of Education director Zhao Zhenhua also introduced that in 2021 Anhui online and offline discipline training institutions transformation or cancellation 4771, reduction rate of 100%, 94.46% respectively.Zhao Zhenhua introduced that In 2021, Anhui will comprehensively promote the “double reduction” work, adhere to effectively reduce the burden of heavy homework and off-campus training of students in compulsory education as a major political task to push forward. Up to now, compulsory education schools have established the homework publicity system, control the proportion of homework time standards reached 100%;4771 online and offline discipline training institutions were transformed or cancelled, with a reduction rate of 100% and 94.46%, respectively.Reform of business operations into non-african affairs was carried out in 280 schools, with a 100% completion rate.Our province’s pioneering work design competition, “four not two straight” “grid” special inspection practices have been promoted nationwide.In terms of preschool education, Anhui accelerated the universal, inclusive, safe and high-quality development of preschool education, and built, renovated and expanded 401 public kindergartens throughout the year, accounting for 134.1% of the annual target. The number of unlicensed kindergartens decreased by 37.2% compared with the same period last year. The governance work of supporting kindergartens in urban communities in Anhui province was rated as national Excellent work case by the Ministry of Education.END click the card below to pay attention to the official wechat source: zhongan online Anhui Business Daily editor: Wan Yun