Six elements of Wuhan interior soft decoration design

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A lot of people is decorated before new residence, always be used to go everywhere the adornment design of reference other family, and fine choice among them bright spot wants move to be used for oneself.When communicating with interior designers, they are usually very stubborn to ask interior designers to “restore” them, so that the final design scheme of a four different, how to prevent this kind of problem?And together to learn the next indoor soft decoration design elements related content!When we decorate the house, in addition to the integrated appearance of interior decoration, interior soft decoration design is also very important. If we want to carry out interior soft decoration design, what does interior soft decoration design include?Here we introduce some situations in this respect: interior soft outfit design six elements (color solid wood furniture, floral art, painting, cloth art lamps and lanterns).Color color is like a language without sound. It conveys and expresses feelings and gives people infinite imagination.In the application that decorates colour collocation, the basest is tonal the feeling demand that wants harmony and consistent with owner, and colorific collocation should not think from the administrative levels of color alone only, want the element such as material qualitative, modelling, light comprehensive plan as a whole to set.Solid wood furniture includes supporting solid wood furniture, storage solid wood furniture, decorative design solid wood furniture.Be like sofa, tea table, bed, mensal, eat chair, bookcase, chest, TV cabinet.In today’s interior soft decoration design, furniture style classification and characteristics:Baroque solid wood furniture (bold grandeur), rococo solid wood furniture (and graceful), American furniture (concise grace), the modern European furniture (concise kind), the Mediterranean furniture (romantic variety), Chinese (noble and have collection value), solid wood furniture modern furniture (strong regional natural color), modern Italian furniture (low-key costly), the old ship wood furniture (qualityThe art of simplicity).Floral art floral art mainly refers to the use of certain technology and processing technology, so that the combination of flowers appear more aesthetic, the formation of a unique language, let the appreciation of the artistic expression form.The most common application in painting decoration should belong to decorative oil painting.Decorative oil painting should be functional: enhance the functional effect of the room;Want to be able to reflect the aesthetic idea that gives host distinctive again, make the pen of dot eyeball of household natural environment.Cloth art cloth art occupies very large proportion in indoor soft outfit design, they can deduce the story of indoor space easily, allocate the tonality that gives different design style, atmosphere, simple sense, affect the behavior of indoor space user and mood in quiet.Cloth art makes the finishing point of interior space interior soft outfit design, so every soft outfit designer should have the ability of bright eye cloth.In the modern soft decoration design scheme of lamps and lanterns, the role of lamps and lanterns is not only lighting, but also decorative design.First, it should have ornamental value;Secondly, the design style should be completely consistent with the atmosphere created;Furthermore, the form of lighting should be carefully planned, paying attention to the coordination of interior space, solid wood furniture, furnishings and other supporting decoration design;Finally, there is the need for individuality.