Special real life feeling!(Every sentence is reasonable and thought-provoking)

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People life is not easy, tomorrow and accident who first, who all don’t know, can’t say eyes a closed today, tomorrow is hard to open, so, don’t always sentimental all day, to be honest, not many people really care about you, made any layman don’t also quite good, love money, love yourself, love life, is full of money, superficial and happy!We live in this world, it is inevitable to encounter things that annoy you and people that annoy you, which can make you extremely angry and unhappy.So have you ever wondered if it’s worth it for you to be angry with someone?So, when you are unhappy, you can think about how short life is, how precious time is, count how many days you really have left.You happy is a day, not happy is also a day, why not a happy heart?You know life is their own, is to please yourself, but not a life lived for others, to go its own way, to see their own scenery, don’t need to compare with people, also need not to care about, what kind of ability, is what kind of life, not luxury, no waste, do yourself, quiet live for their own lives, is good!Life is like a pocket. If you put too much in it, you will get tired. If you want to relax, you will have to discard some things.In order to live, we work hard, in order to survive, we desperately.Heart tired, body tired, people more tired.If you’re really tired, slow down. If you’re really hurting, take a break.Allow yourself to drink, relax the tired body, but can not give up, as long as you do not give up yourself, life will not give up you, when irritable do not speak, do not make any decisions, quiet wait, you have to know, things do not think before there is always defeat, people can endure carefree!Life is only once, no second life blooms, cherish their own every day, to smile, don’t complain, life is your own, need to responsible for myself, don’t ask for too much on their own, material life than other people, however, the spirit world must be rich, every day a happy heart, happiness consists in contentment, a “good day, take good care of your body, do adults in the wind and rain,Do children in the sun, life is limited edition every day, and try to make yourself happy every day!Note: pictures from the network, if there is infringement please inform, will be deleted the first time!