Steal water pump to sell as scrap iron?Double clear public security: catch you have no discussion!

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Click on the blue words attention we note double qing branch promote strike hard and punish “celebrate 20 big loyalty protect peaceful” special action, focus is a matter of vital interests of the masses “small case, small disputes, little things”, education to guide the police always adhere to the people as the center of the development of ideas, adhere to the concept of “public interests without little things” work,We will effectively solve the people’s “urgent problems and anxious expectations”, constantly consolidate the grassroots public security foundation of shuangqing, and create a safe and stable political and social environment for the party’s 20th National Congress.On March 29 at 9:00 a.m., Shiqiao police station of Shuangqing Branch received an alarm: said shuangqing District Lixin Road at the door of a logistics store worth 3000 yuan of blue water pump disappeared.After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene to carry out their work.It is understood that logistics truck after unloading because of the pump weight of 170 catties, the boss directly put it aside in the door.”The pump is so heavy, and someone stole it.”Logistics shop boss Li said helplessly.After detailed screening of surveillance near the site of the crime, the police found that a black electric car always frequently appeared in the monitoring screen.Police from suspicious electric car proceed with, try to look for case breakthrough.Through the visit investigation, found that the electric vehicle driver Wu mou en is actually a habitual offender, has been attacked by the public security organs for many times because of theft, just released at the end of last year.Classics further investigation, the police lock Wu mou en has major crime suspicion.Arrest: Caught in his sleep after working on a crime.March 30 at 8:00 a.m., the police decisively attack, in wu mou en residence will be captured at one fell swoop, because he finished the case “too tired” is sleeping at home, the distance from the victim reported only 23 hours!Subsequently, the police work hard, the first time to find stolen items, and returned to the victim, has been the real recognition of the masses.Examination: water pump sold at scrap iron price after examination, criminal suspect Wu Mou en after being released from prison wandering around.At 17:00 on March 28, to shuangqing District Lixin road some restaurant to have a meal, see a logistics store at the door of the pump unattended, so the heart gave birth to a plan, early in the morning will hold the pump to the electric car stolen.The water pump that pilfered comes sells some waste collection station to ma on village of double clear area with scrap iron price, gain 210 yuan from it.At present, suspect Wu mou en has been taken criminal compulsory measures in accordance with the law.