Traffic lights point to see clearly can not blindly careless line

2022-09-22 0 By

When driving at the intersection of traffic lights, for the direction of the indicator light, many drivers often appear inertia thinking, a few days ago, in Dantu New City happened because of a misjudgment of traffic lights caused by a traffic accident.Surveillance footage shows a white car making a turn at the corner of MAO Yisheng Avenue and Hubin Road colliding with a car going straight. Fortunately, no one was injured.The signal light at the intersection of the accident is different from that at other junctions. The left turn signal light is on the right and the straight signal light is on the left. In this regard, the small editor came to the accident squadron of the District traffic police brigade to explore the special setting of the signal light at the intersection.District traffic police brigade accident squadron police Cheng Peng said that the intersection of the setting of the signal light is different from the setting of the general intersection.Set on the right is left turn, is to consider that there may be large vehicles turn or turn around at this intersection.It is understood that the large sections of truck traffic is bigger, but because the road is narrow, if in the left side of the road turn left turn, van will be unable to run normally because of lack of driving distance, if the truck on the road back repeatedly to turn or turn around, will seriously affect the other vehicle traffic, and there is a big security hidden danger.Therefore, the district traffic police department to the intersection of the traffic lights for a special design.District traffic police brigade to remind the majority of motor vehicle participants, through the unfamiliar intersection, must carefully observe the intersection of the direction of the arrow, as well as the setting of traffic lights, in order to ensure safety through the intersection.