Two people have been placed under investigation!Jiashan has cracked down on illegal and criminal activities related to epidemic prevention and control

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At 23:00 on March 23, 2022, Ma Returned from high-risk areas outside the province, in the case of knowing his trip card star, contact Ma Bin for driving and avoid high-speed exit epidemic prevention inspection, and did not take the initiative to report to the community, did not implement the corresponding health management measures, resulting in social communication risk.Ma was confirmed as COVID-19 positive on March 27.At present, two people suspected of obstructing the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, has been investigated by the Public security bureau of Jiashan County.On March 27, jiaxing city public security bureau issued “about on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on illegal and criminal behavior of circular public security organs will be on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on the illegal and criminal behavior left left left jiaxing city public security bureau about on epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law to crack down on illegal and criminal behavior of announcement for best COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work, to prevent the spread of disease risk,In accordance with the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Punishment for Public Security Administration, Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Response to Emergencies and other laws:, from epidemic in high-risk areas in high risk areas and contact with the staff, or confirmed cases, asymptomatic infections of the contact person or contact person, the report, conceal, falsely report condition, living history, exposure history and whereabouts trajectory, not cooperate, quarantine check, follow-up medical observation, epidemiological investigation, health monitoring, to the detriment of the epidemic prevention and control work;2. Refusing to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control measures and affecting the normal order by taking public transport to residential areas, supermarkets, shopping malls, vegetable markets, hotels and other crowded places during epidemic prevention and control;3. Confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons and those confirmed as close contacts or sub-close contacts refuse isolation treatment, receive medical observation at home or in centralized centers, or leave isolation treatment before the period of isolation is over;Those who refuse to cooperate with the prevention and control measures of their units and communities (villages) as close contacts or sub-close contacts;4. Holding large conferences, exhibitions, lectures, training, banquets and other gathering activities in violation of the government’s requirements on the number of participants, examination and approval procedures and other relevant requirements;5. Shopping malls, supermarkets, tourist attractions, restaurants and other crowded public places fail to strictly carry out the epidemic prevention responsibilities such as temperature checking, health code checking and travel code checking as required;6. Bars, KTV, Internet bars, chess and card rooms, game halls, billiard rooms, bathrooms, foot bath shops, gyms, natatorium, gymnasiums, cinemas and other indoor closed places fail to suspend business in accordance with regulations;7. Refusing or obstructing government personnel, medical personnel and volunteers from carrying out medical treatment or epidemic prevention by beating, abusing, threatening or other means, or intentionally damaging or destroying medical treatment or epidemic prevention property and facilities;8. Vehicles and people passing through the checkpoint refuse to cooperate or accept inspection by the checkpoint staff by punching the checkpoint or other means;9. Forging, altering, buying or selling, or using such certification documents as forged, altered or bought nucleic acid testing certificates, passes, health codes, travel codes, etc.;10. In violation of the provisions on epidemic prevention and control, refusing to obey the management of epidemic prevention and control, forcibly entering or leaving the containment, control or prevention areas for epidemic prevention, or ramming, climbing, jumping over or damaging the containment facilities and equipment at checkpoints (points) for epidemic prevention and control;11. Persons included in the scope of nucleic acid testing do not participate in nucleic acid testing uniformly organized;12. Making false reports about the epidemic situation, fabricating false epidemic information to spread on the Internet or other media, or knowingly spreading false epidemic information to disturb social order;13. Illegally obtaining or disseminating the personal information of confirmed cases, suspected cases, asymptomatic infected persons, close contacts or sub-close contacts, etc.;14. During the epidemic period, hoarding, driving up prices, seeking huge profits, seriously disrupting the market order, or illegally producing, selling or providing fake or inferior medicines, producing or selling substandard medical equipment or fake and shoddy prevention and protection products;15. Those who refuse to implement the decisions and orders concerning epidemic prevention and control issued by the people’s government, or commit other illegal and criminal acts, thereby disturbing the public order and epidemic prevention and control work.In violation of this notice, the public security organs will seriously deal with the above situation according to law, and those who constitute a crime will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.The general public and relevant units should conscientiously abide by laws and regulations, earnestly implement relevant government decisions, orders and notices, and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work.Jiaxing Public Security Bureau, March 27, 2022 (original title: “Two people are under investigation! Jiashan Severely cracks down on illegal and criminal acts related to epidemic Prevention and control”)