Weifang Kuiwen erecting “Heart bridge” to solve “Road difficulty”

2022-09-22 0 By

During the Spring Festival, reporters in kuiwen district fushou East Street and Xinhua road intersection west to see, the first aluminum alloy overpass has been put into use.The bridge is 34.5 meters long, 3.5 meters clear width of the bridge deck, 2.1 meters clear width of the stairway, the main bridge is made of aluminum alloy material, is the first aluminum alloy bridge in Weifang city.The main body of the bridge and the walking ladder, etc., are made of aluminum alloy material construction, the upper part of the glass canopy, very beautiful, become a bright scenery on the street.Ms Chen said, the city has built a number of overpasses, but the overpasses give a person the feeling is not quite the same, simple shape and do not lose the atmosphere, beautiful fashion, built above the canopy, rain is not afraid of rain, very good.”I have been looking forward to this flyover for a long time and am delighted to finally open it.””Ms. Chen said.Compared with steel structure overpass, aluminum alloy overpass has many advantages.First of all, aluminum alloy bridge is more light and beautiful, and moisture-proof and corrosion resistant, lower maintenance cost.In addition, aluminum alloy materials are easier to extrude, easy to process, variable shape, in the construction of assembly technology construction, high construction efficiency.Aluminum alloy materials can also be recycled, more in line with the national low-carbon environmental protection requirements.Since last year, kuiwen district to improve the road traffic order, 7 were launched the flyover construction, these overpasses in the city center to build a safe, convenient and unobstructed, high quality pedestrian crossing system, make the person car shunt, the side of the road, not only effectively relieve the problem of “hard travel, cross the street”, greatly improve the traffic efficiency,It also further increases the level of urban appearance and facilitates the life of residents.It is reported that in addition to the fushou East street and Xinhua road intersection of the overpass, the recent kuiwen district has 4 new overpasses have been put into use.Located at the intersection of Shengli East Street and Xinhua a lane overpass, has been formally put into use recently.The north side of the overpass residential areas, the south side of the large shopping mall, daily flow of people, traffic flow, the overpass is used to effectively protect the safety of residents, bridge deck and walking ladder is also laid with a layer of red plastic, not only the appearance of a high level, and step on the above is not easy to slip, very practical.Located at the intersection of health east street and Xinhua a lane overpass, has been officially put into use.There are residential areas and office buildings on the south side of the overpass, and there are two schools and a kindergarten on the north side, and xinhua A lane is set up in the morning market, the traffic flow is very large during peak hours.The main bridge is made of steel box girder, with a total length of 66 meters and a net width of 3.5 meters. Vertical elevators are set at both ends of the main bridge, which brings great convenience to the surrounding citizens after it is put into use.Located in dongfeng East street and Xinhua road intersection on the east side of the overpass, has also been enabled.There are schools and residential areas on the south side of the bridge, and large shopping malls on the north side. The main bridge is 38 meters in length, and the flow of people is very large.There is a crosswalk on the road in this position, with a large flow of people and cars. Whenever there are pedestrians crossing the road, vehicles have to stop to give way, which seriously affects the traffic efficiency and has hidden safety hazards.After this overpass is put into use, it perfectly solves this problem.In addition, located in the north of Fushou East Street and Xinhua Road, shengrong Square west west side of the overpass has also been put into use.On the west side of the overpass are schools and residential areas, and on the east side are Shengrong Square and supermarket.The main bridge is 35.6 meters in length and 3.5 meters in width, with a toughened glass canopy. The stairway is located in the green separation belt on both sides. The whole bridge is unique in shape.(Report by Du Zhenqiang, correspondent zhou Xiaoxuan, Dazhong Newspaper • Dazhong Daily Client)