What are the admission rules

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The enrollment of ordinary institutions of higher learning shall follow the principles of fair competition, fair selection, comprehensive assessment and comprehensive evaluation of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor, and selective enrollment.Let’s take a look at it.1. Most college admission rules are based on fair competition and merit-based admission.This is our test scores.Of course, some colleges and universities will also review our other aspects according to our college documents.As long as we pass, we will receive our admission letter shortly after.Admission is an open and transparent process, so there will be no favoritism and bending the law.These schools will conduct a reasonable review according to our application, and then send us our admission letters by mail after the review is passed. Those who live far away from home do not have to worry.3. The admission rules are relatively simple. In fact, they are fair, transparent and open.Students’ electronic files will be uploaded to the university, and whether they will be admitted and which major they will be admitted to is largely determined by the university’s major admission rules.The admission of general schools is relatively simple, more difficult should be the choice of our major, which we can only choose adjustment in many cases.So, the admission rules are the above, I hope to help you.