Will the new MacBook Air be replaced by the MacBook Pro?Apple marketing is kind of interesting

2022-09-22 0 By

The MacBook line has long been a favorite among business people, and despite the buggy nature of the new laptops, which use Apple’s own processors, it’s easy to see how users are tolerant of Apple.Now, the new MacBook related content is constantly revealed, in order to satisfy some of the friends who pay attention to this kind of dynamic, I decided to share with you some of the current Revelations.According to iDROPNEWS and Jon Prosser, the new renderings are very similar to the 14 – and 16-inch MacBook Pros with the M1 Max chips already released.However, we need to know that the new MacBook line will have some improvements to differentiate the Air from the Pro’s “crowd positioning.”The current MacBook Air has a classic flat design, which is relatively classic compared to the “conical design” found in some mainstream laptops, but you could also interpret it as a lack of innovation.It’s also possible that user concerns in one way or another have forced Apple to make a slight design change that, of course, needs to be put in double quotation marks as the above rendering was posted by iDROPNEWS and has a lighter base than Jon Prosser’s previous rendering.In addition, when it comes to Apple’s marketing skills, I have to say that although Apple’s tactics are very “low”, some people like them, and some people are willing to be fooled!Take the colorful design. Apple typically mixes its entry-level products with a lot of bright colors so that it can appeal to younger or female users.In contrast, the advanced models, relatively costly and thick, and most have certain purchasing power users prefer a monochromatic (black) has obvious differentiation of design, it is also the reason why apple insist this clearly differentiated designs, after all, only in this way can let the user to select Pro series of those who have the purchasing power,This also allows users to “demonstrate their financial power” without realizing it.That’s the main reason I say apple’s old-fashioned marketing still works.Beyond conventional design, the biggest question many people have is “Will the new MacBook Air have bangs?”IDRONEWS has also created a rendering that shows how ugly the bangs on the white MacBook Air look, so they’ve decided that Apple won’t use the Pro bangs on the new Air.In terms of port support, the new MacBook Air will come with MagSafe3, 3.5mm audio jack, two Type-C ports, and no SD card slot or HDMI port.I think the new MagSafe port is a surprise to Air users?In terms of screen specs, the new MacBook Air is expected to have a Mini-LED display.However, in order to be clearly distinguishable from the Pro version, it is impossible to support Pro Motion with a 120Hz refresh rate.As for other specs, it is currently confirmed that it will feature a next-generation M2 chip based on a new architecture design, a 1080P high-resolution camera, and a 30W Type-C charging support.Oh, and because it’s likely to be a fanless model, it will have a lighter body weight.As for the M2 chip related content, although the network has revealed a lot, but most of it is empty talk, such as “performance and scalability will have an overall upgrade”, “support for two explicit connections” and so on.Finally, there’s been a lot of talk about WWDC2022, which is probably around June, but I think with the current chip shortage, apple will unveil it in September at the fall event, don’t you think?