2-0!The Premier League leaders have won again, with top scorer and tintin scoring 12 points clear of Liverpool

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Marrez scored in Manchester City’s 2-0 win over Brentford in the 24th round of the 2021-2022 Premier League on Sunday.City are 12 points clear of Liverpool, but the Reds have two games in hand.City are nine points clear of Liverpool at the top of the table, having ended a 13-game winning streak in the Premier League with a 1-1 draw at Southampton last time round.City take on Brentford, who have lost four league games in a row, and Guardiola will be looking to get back on the right track with a win.City won the first leg of the season 1-0 away from home and foden, who scored the winner for blue Moon, continues today.In the fifth minute, Foden scrambled a header wide after de Braunay lopped the ball into the penalty area. Foden struggled with his teammates and headed badly.Brentford’s bus line was well defended and City could not find a gap in attack.In the 29th minute, Raja cleared the ball ahead of sterling, who was outflanking him, before Cansello followed up with a volley that sent the ball flying.In the 35th minute, de Braunay spins a free kick into the penalty area, Stones heads the ball to ferries, Laporte chest off the ball a low shot, the ball grazed the post out of the bottom line!Man City missed a golden chance to score!The 40th minute, Sterling high speed into the penalty area by Rollav tackle, the referee will decisively finger to 12 yards, Mahrez firmly hit the penalty, 1-0!Mahrez has scored 16 goals and six assists for City this season, making 22 goals.Mahrez is city’s top scorer this season, with Raheem Sterling second with nine goals.In the 50th minute, City launched a second attack from a corner, foden took the ball, cansello 30 meters away with a powerful right foot shot, the ball only slightly high.In the 55th minute, With Sterling on the ball, Cansello crossed three men on the left and fired a low shot, which was saved by Raia. It was one of cansello’s finest individual performances.In the 69th minute, brentford keeper made a poor mistake and his low cross went straight to Sterling. City’s flying wing was knocked out by Raya, and De Braunet followed up with an open goal for 2-0.He has scored two goals in his last three premiership games.Tintin is city’s third-highest scorer with eight goals and six assists this season.Brentford failed to pose much of a threat as Guardiola replaced Foden with Gendoan and city took the three points 2-0 as the Blue Moon moved a step closer to the Premier League title.